Top 10 Wealthiest pro wrestlers of All-time

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, May 31st, 2015 | 0
  1. Vince McMahon

Net Worth: $750 million

Vince McMahon is the CEO of WWE and WWF championship. He is the majority shareholder of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). McMahon holds 57% of total stock in whole WWE industries and the share are approx. 39.9 million class A common stock. The value of per stock are &11.09 and that means the total amount of his share are $480 million. And McMahon have net worth $750 million.

  1. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Net Worth: $125 million

Rock is the second wealthiest wrestler in the wrestling industries. He have a net worth of $125 million. Johnson was started his professional career at 1995 and after 2004 he was come back on the ring at 2011. He have 8 WWE title in his WWE career and 2 times International champion.

  1. Steven Austin

Net Worth: $45 million

50 years old Steve Austin with a net worth of $45 is the 3rd wealthiest wrestler in the world. He was the wrestler since 1989 to 2003. And become a actors since 1998 to present. The ring master was started his film career with The Longest Yard and so far was acting in 6 movies and his upcoming movie is The Echo Effect.

  1. John Cena

Net Worth: $35 million.

One of the greatest and popular wrestler on the current time Cena is the 4th on the list with approx. $35 million, Cena was started his career at 1999 and become an actor at Ready to Rumble. He have record 12 times WWE heavyweight championship.

john cena wealthest

  1. Scott Hall

Net Worth: $30 Million

Scott Hall was a pro wrestler in the middle of 1980. He was the 4 times WWF intercontinetal championship title winner. He is also the founder of New World Order. He is the world 5th all-time wealthiest wrestler so far with his $30 million.

  1. Stephanie McMahon

Net Worth: $25 million

The only women wrestler in the list is the daughter of Vice McMahon, Stephanie McMahon. With her $25 million, placed at the 6th all-time wealthiest wrestler. Have played Wrestling since 1998. Also signature herself at film industries and acting at Pedigree as her first movie.

  1. Triple H

Net Worth: $25 Million

The 45 years older have played at wrestling ring since 1987 to presents. His yearly salary is 1.5 million, he is also the Spouse of Stephanie McMahon. So far he have also acting in 10 movies. The last one was WWE Power Series, released at 2004. And started career with Pacific Blue on 1998. This wrestler is the 5 time World heavyweight Champion and 13 times world champion.

  1. Kurt Angle

Net Worth: $20 million

Angle have a bronze medal at 1992 World Cup of world wrestling and Silver medal on 1995 world cup. Have 2 gold medal on 2 Olympic Games. His net worth is $20. That makes him 8th on the table.So far also acting in 15 movies. Last released move was Not Cool

  1. Big Show

Net Worth: $20 million

His debut WWE championship was at 1995 and he is one time WWE Intercontinental Championship winner and record 24 Triple Crowne and 12 Grand Slam winner in the wrestling history. With $20 million net worth he is the 9th at the list.

  1. Chris Jericho

Net Worth: $18 Million

Have won 29 WWE championship during his WWE career, have also 4 WWE grand slam. He is the record 9 times Intercontinental Champion of WWE title winner. Jericho have a Band and so fat released 6 studio Album. With net $18 million worth is the 10th on the list.

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