Tag Teams of Old School Wrestling

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 | 0

Today we talk about the primitive wrestling period in the mid era of WWE sports ‘n’ entertainment. Here are the few Tag teams of that generation who refers to Old School wresting which is still being remembered by audience.

  1. The Natural Disasters – The Natural Disasters team up of Earthquake and Typhoon. These both men were large in size. Their favorite finishing hold: Typhoon splash followed by Earthquake vertical splash. These two giants use their monumental size to squash the competition into grease spots. The trademark of natural disasters was ‘biggest team in the wwe’. Their favorite quote was “call the red cross because here comes a disaster.” Their goal was to shake up the WWE.
  2. The Bushwhackers – The Bushwhackers, Luke and Butch, are cousins. The Bushwhackers favorite finishing hold: The Bushwhacker battering ram. They were wild and woolly. They stride about, swinging their arms in the Bushwhacker stomp, mimicked by fans throughout the world. Their eyes bulge and tongues protrude. They like to lick one another on the head . The trademark of bushwhackers was ‘the bushwhacker stomp’. Their favorite quote was “Bloody lovely—tell your mutha!” There is no more crazy duo in the WWE than the Bushwhackers, the most unorthodox team in WWE tag team ranks. Their goal was: To rally all our Bushwhackeroos.
  3. The Nasty Boys – The Nasty Boys consist tag team of Knobbs and Sags. As WWE Tag Team Champions, they continued the reign of terror they had begun the first time they stepped into the ring.They were the street thugs of the WWE. Their favorite finishing hold: Knobbs powerslam, followed by sags elbow off the top turnbuckle. The trademark of nasty boys was ‘crude behavior’. Their favorite quote was “We’re gonna Nastisize you.” Their goal was: To stomp the world under our boots.

They were the well known Tag teams of the WWE era when wrestling was at boom and its peak.

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