Most Popular theme music in WWE

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 | 0

Here are some of the famous theme music of these WWE superstars:

Hulk Hogan“Real American” – The theme music for Hulk Hogan was awarded to him for his
status of an American citizen. It perfectly match his persona. The people love his
performance in the ring according to his theme music.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin “Hell Frozen Over” – The theme music starts with shattering of
glass break which makes everyone go cold with the arrival of Rattle snake. It makes the
hair stand on the edges of the audiences. His theme music is the most famous and liked by

The Rock“Electrifying” – The Rock theme music start with “If you smell what the rock
is cookin” voiced by himself makes the fan miss their heartbeat with the electrifying shoots
and his raised eye-brows. The existance of People’s Champ The Rock used to make his way to
their heart.

The Undertaker “Graveyard Symphony” – Over the two decades and more, the Deadman
entrance theme has become one of the most iconic pieces of music. It gave the audience
goosebumbs, scary and dark atmosphere with fear when the smoke used to come out on his way
to the ring. His theme begans with bells and lightning and thundering effects

Kane“Burned” – The theme music reflect Kane’s persona with a mask in a fiery rage and
a burst of fire that makes the crowd alert with attention.

Triple H“The Game” – Triple H was one of the luckiest WWE superstar who was blessed
with the most popular anthem “Time to play the Game” created by the world famous musicians.

Shawn Michaels “Sexy Boy”– The theme music reflects Shawn Michaels persona. He
himself recorded the song. The fans used to go crazy with the song and
the showstopper entrance at the arena.

Vince McMahon“No Chance in Hell”– Being the owner of WWE and to make his woes realise
that they dont have any chance in hell if they take any conflict with him. His infamous
entrance music did exactly that.

John Cena“The Time is Now” is one of the most popular entrance themes
till date. John Cena himself created this theme song.

D-Generation-X“Are you ready” had created a spark amongst millions of
the viewers standing there and watching on the television. As the music used to hit the
system, the crowd could go crazy for the team members of Triple H, Shawn Michaels and
the New Age Outlaws with their energy.

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