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by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 | 0

During the older times in WWE, there were some of the managers who came at the squared circle with their wrestlers to whom they being managed. Now-a-days in WWE also there are managers but are very few and not that much drastic.

We thereby, remember the contribution made by these versatile managers who not only managed their wrestlers but also left a mark in WWE Fraternity.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – Bobby Heenan, fancies himself more a “broadcast journalist” than a WWE manager. As a manager he piloted some of the most successful wrestlers in the WWE to high achievements. And he has made himself a heap of money while doing so. Managerial style: A cunning, crafty plotter adept at convincing other people to do his dirty work, too cowardly for much blatant interference, prefers subterfuge.

Jimmy “Mouth of the South”Hart – Jimmy Hart gives his Wrestlers instructions at ringside. The Mouth of the South was one of the WWE’s most successful managers. They call him the Music Man because of his background as a rock band star. The plots that Jimmy Hart composes leave his foes with a sour note. Managerial style: Raucous, constant distraction of the referee.

Mr. Fuji – Mr. Fuji was one of the most unscrupulous and lethal individuals in the WWE. Fuji was innately cruel and truly likes seeing other people suffer. This applies not only to the opponents of his wrestlers, but to his own protégés as well. He drives them and brutalizes them. Managerial style: Physically and psychologically driving his wrestlers to the brink of their endurance.

WWE should try to keep more managers as it will make the wrestlers, match and promos more efficient.

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