Clothing Attire of Wrestlers

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 | 0


We have observed couple of Gentleman in WWE, who has a good sense of dressing and presenting themselves to the crowd with a pride. Here are the list of few of them:

The Undertaker – The clothing attire of the Undertaker is the most impressive and elegant to watch for. He wears black long over coat and upon it he wears a hat which suits on 6’10” 328 pounds. He use to keep long hairs that come across his face. He wears grey color gloves and long shoes of black and grey color.

Kane – Kane’s character was of ‘Big Red Machine’ and a ‘Big Red Monster’. His clothing attire was unique. He use to wear red and black colored skin fit tight pants and one side red sleeveless top. He wears black colored long shoes and black colored gloves in his hand.

Goldust – Goldust wears long coat which was of golden color with a fancy woolen strip stitched to his costume. He use to enter wearing a wig and a golden and silver colored dress code. His makeup was done on his face with golden and black paint.

Vince McMahon – Vince costumes was more like a formal one with full suit and a tie. His dress was of different color and within that he wears a shirt. He wears a shoe like a gentleman. However, when he has in ring performance then his clothing attire is he wears black colored jeans and vests.

Apart from dazzling and appealing dresses the men wear in WWE which we mentioned above, there are few WWE Superstars whose T-shirts are sold in merchandise like Stone cold 3:16, John Cena, The Rock, D-Generation X, etc., in large quantity worldwide.

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