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World football has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of decades, specially the club game in Europe has been on the rise since the developments in 1992 when most of the major league around Europe re formated their domestic league and with the Introduction of new UEFA Champions League and Europa League competition in the leagues has increased as well as the money which comes in the form of TV broadcasting rights etc.

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Premier League Live On TV Channels in Different Parts of the World

EPL TV Channels Around the World

# Country Broadcaster
United States
NBC Sports Network – Paid
TSN – TSN2 – Paid
Fox Sports – Paid
Sky Deutchland – Paid (German)
Canal +


English Premier League is the most watched domestic football league in the world and by margine, what is their recepie of success ? well one word “Globalization” of Premier league. English football’s Division 1 matches are watched around the world every week and their are more fans of Premier League clubs outsite UK than inside, regions specially Asia and United States holds big audians for the matches and Premier League sell broadcasting rights to some of the biggest sports channels around the world. Where and how the premier league is broacasted in different parts of the world ? Lets take a look.

English Premier League UK Channels Coverage:

Premier League TV Channels live 1. SKYSPORTS Coverage

Skysports has been broadcasting Premier League matches on a subscription fee for more than 20 years now, in 2013-2014 season they have the right to broadcast around 130 matches live on TV.

2. BT Sports Coverage

BT sports is a new player in Premier League broadcasting in UK, they will be airing 38 matches live next season and you dont need to pay anything to more if you already a BT broadband customer.

3. ESPN Coverage 

23 matches Live on TV at ESPN channel in United Kingdom, they are a big player and their commentry is also used in the ESPNSTAR for the Asian audians.

In United Kingdom Sky Sports has been the leading Premier League coverage provider for last 2 years, but in 2013-2014 season will see ESPN and BT also sharing Premier League live matches throughout the season. Many broadcasters around the world take footage live footage from either Skysports or ESPN with commentry to without.

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