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by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2016 | 0

The biggest Show on the earth will be on screen from 5th August. But the biggest game of the earth will be on screen one day earlier. At the opening day of the tournament, 8 games will be kick off. But in the first games, Iraq will face Denmark and Brazil will face to South Africa from Group A.

First Quarter Finals will be held on 13th August. First Semifinal will be on 17th August at Rio de Janeiro, Bronze Medal Match will be on 20th August Rio de Janeiro and in the same day Gold Medal Match (Final) will be kick off at Belo Horizonte

Date Venue Matches Time
04 August Brasilia Iraq vs Denmark (Group A) 13:00
04 August Brasilia Brazil vs South Africa (Group A) 16:00
04 August Manaus Sweden vs Colombia (Group B) 18:00
04 August Manaus Nigeria vs Japan (Group B) 21:00
04 August Salvador Fiji vs South Korea (Group C) 20:00
04 August Salvador Germany vs Mexico (Group C) 17:00
04 August Rio de Janeiro Algeria vs Honduras (Group D) 15:00
04 August Rio de Janeiro Portugal vs Argentina (Group D) 18:00
07 August Brasilia Denmark vs South Africa (Group A)  
07 August Brasilia Brazil vs Iraq (Group A)  
07 August Manaus Sweden vs Nigeria (Group B)  
07 August Manaus Japan vs Colombia (Group B)  
07 August Salvador Fiji vs Mexico (Group C)  
07 August Salvador Germany vs South Korea (Group C)  
07 August Rio de Janeiro Honduras vs Portugal (Group D)  
07 August Rio de Janeiro Argentina vs Algeria (Group D)  
10 August Salvador Brazil vs Denmark (Group A)  
10 August Sao Paulo South Africa vs Iraq (Group A)  
10 August Salvador Japan vs Sweden (Group B)  
10 August Sao Paulo Colombia vs Nigeria (Group B)  
10 August Belo Horizonte Germany vs Fiji (Group C)  
10 August Brasilia Mexico vs South Korea (Group C)  
10 August Belo Horizonte Argentina vs Honduras (Group D)  
10 August Brasilia Portugal vs Algeria (Group D)  
13 August Sao Paulo 1st Quarterfinal  
13 August Belo Horizonte 2nd Quarterfinal  
13 August Salvador 3rd Quarterfinal  
13 August Brasilia 4th Quarterfinal  
17 August Rio de Janeiro 1st Semifinal  
17 August Sao Paulo 2nd Semifinal  
20 August Rio de Janeiro Bronze Medal Match  
20 August Belo Horizonte Gold Medal Match (Final)  


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