6 Nations 2014 TV Broadcasting USA, Canada, Australia

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Six nations schedule 2014-2015

Six Nations 2014 will get underway on 1st Feburary and in United Kingdom BBC has extended their contract to air live Six nations in United Kingdom, but what channel’s will be broadcasting six nations matches around the world ? today we take a look at TV broadcasters showing Six Nations matches worldwide.

TV Channels Broadcasting Six Nations 2014

# Country Broadcaster
Sportsnet, Bein Sports (Probably)
S4C (BBC feed)
France Télévisions
Sky Italia
Premium Sports Inc
Sport TV
Africa Countries
Premium Sports Inc
Latin America
ESPN Int’l Latin America, TV5 Monde (french matches)
Canal Satellite Sogecable
Middle East
Al Jazeera, TV5 Monde (french matches)
New Zealand
Pacific Islands


In Australia, TV broadcast of live matches won be possible as ESPN Australia did not renew their contract to show Six nations matches live and the contract expired in 2013.

In the other parts of the world, we will be getting more info who and which tv Channel will be showing Six Nations Rugby Matches in 2014-2015.

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  • shane

    PS Neither the BBC nor NBC Universal will be showing the Six Nations live or delayed this year. Rights are with Bein Sports and Premium Sports.

    • OHCelt

      So once again, the rugby public in the USA, the fastest growing ugby market in the world, has no live coverage of the 6N, other than on premium pay streams.

  • Adi H

    register with myexpat(dot)com at $8 a month and watch BBC UK live on your PC. You can pay with Paypal and cancel with no penalty at any time.

  • Paul Fanning

    What about Canada?

    • Glen S

      Indeed. What about Canada? $17/month for Sportsnet World, and nothing?

      • Katharine Gray

        I’ve been trying to contact ANYONE at Sportsnet world to find out why their advertising SAYS they’re showing it, but it is not in their schedule. No luck. It’s impossible to contact anyone there either in person on the phone or by email. They just keep telling me to check the broadcast schedule.

        • Paul Fanning

          Agreed. Sportsnet are not responding, very frustrating. Try contact Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet at 416-764-6000 (key in name)and air your frustration. I did.

      • john farley

        No coverage in Canada-i pay £20/mth in AB specifically so i can watch rugby. Heinekin,amlin and regular top 14, and regular coverage is great, but no Six Nations is like eating apple pie -but no apples! You need to address this asap
        John F,

      • Paul Fanning

        Agreed. I wish they would tell us who is broadcasting. I’m not into streaming video. If enough people cancel their SNW subscription they might take heed.

  • Carlos joiner

    What about Australia?

    • Glenn

      ESPN or Setanta.com.au

  • Chris stringer

    interesting ..if you phone Sportsnet in Canada, and put Scott Moore’s name into their system it appears he doesn’t exist. I have left messages in their general mailbox in the past . They have never returned a call despite their commitment to do so.

  • Fred Fickling

    Couldn’t agree more – there are idiots between us and the UK rugby authorities

  • Alan Dorrington

    I’ll be cancelling my subscription, so disappointing, Sportsnet were advertising 6 Nation games.I’m fed up of watching endless repeats for fillers.

  • nicemandan

    SNWorld in Canada have 6 channels, but only 2 or 3 showing anything. This morning I wanted to watch Man U, but that match was on SN West, which apparently I’m not subscribed to. Not for the first time have SN put premium matches on other channels than SNWorld, obviously a scam to get you to pay them again for another channel. No 6 nations either, so I’ve cancelled my subscription.

  • Steve

    Unbelievable that America is not broadcasting the RBS six nations, there are many expats like myself who enjoy our rugby. Last year i watched Wales v England with other expats and American friends as a Welshman I had the better day. It was a great day the banter a few beers ( Guinness ) and not a spark of trouble. There were a lot of Americans watching live here in Houston and were supporting either Wales or England depending on family history. A great day was had by all. The only people getting robbed of a great sporting tradition is the general public.

  • Suzanne B

    I have been trying for days to secure a spot for my hubby to watch the Ireland v Wales 6 Nations game on Feb 8. Nothing on cable or even the “special” stations you pay extra for. Last year he got Setanta for two months after being told they covered the games. You know the story…lies, lies, lies. He is so frustrated that he’d pull out his hair IF he had any! I’ve heard you can stream it on the computer but by the time I figure that out it will be next week…assuming it even would work. Lucky you, Steve in Houston! Is that Houston, BC or Houston, Texas? Enjoy the game, buddy. Hubby and I will be having a Guiness and imagining the game in all it’s glory.

    • siggy

      try whoopwhooptv dot com or wiziwig dot tv for streaming the 6 nations – Im in Australia and it seems to work

    • Paul Fanning

      Two sources for the 6 Nations games (on line streamed) – Premium Sports – live ($20) and BeIn Sports – delayed ($20 per month).

  • i briggs

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed that Six Nations have chosen to go the Pay-Per-View route in the US market. They are killing interest in rugby and Six Nations. Need to revert to a mainstream channel (BBC America or NBC Sports or Fox).
    There are no bars/public locations showing the rugby except in large markets.
    Unbelievable stupidity and/or greed.

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