Top 10 World Cup Conspiracies Theories

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Top 10 World Cup Conspiracies Theories

Football World Cup comes every four years and take the world by strom, watched by billions of people around the world which makes it the most high profile and biggest money spinner sports event in the world. players involved, football federations, sports brands like nike, adidas, a windfall for betting comapanies and most imporantly governments.

FIFA has more members than the United Nations and with all these stake holders keeping a tab on the world cup, we get some controversial situations during every world cup. here is the list of top 5 conspiracies which took the world cup by storm, before during or event after the event was finished.

1998 World Cup The Nike/Ronaldo Conspiracy Theory:

Ronaldo was the best player on planet when he played for Brazil in 1998, he had a massive endorsement deal with Nike. But ahead of the world cup final against France it was announced that Ronaldo won’t start in the final, but things changed dramaticly as half hour before kickoff Ronaldo’s name appear on the starting lineup. It is believed that Ronaldo was not match fit and he suffered a “seizure” before the game. But Nike forced Brazil to make sure Ronaldo starts the game so he took injections and pain killers to play a part in the final.

2002 World Cup, South Korea’s run in to the semifinal was suspected:

When the World Cup 2002 took place in Japan and South Korea noboday gave home nations any chance of going beyond first round but South Korea defeated Spain, Portugal and Italy to reach semifinal and the referee (Byron Moreno) who officiat quarter final match against Italy was found guilty of corruption. Italian government officials also accused FIFA and other behind the scene powers to riggid the quarter finals.

2022 World Cup Controversy Serrounding Decision to Award 2022 WC hosting to Qatar.

In the last couple of months it has emerded that FIFA decided to award 2022 world cup to qatar illegaly. There were many things going on behind the scene. Qatar are accused to buying the “hosting of 2022 world cup” by bribing fifa executives to sell their vots.

Mohammad bin Hammad, the qatari fifa executive paid $5 million to football officials to support qatar’s campaign to host 2022 world cup.

1994 World Cup Diego Maradona Doping & Fifa Betrayal:

When Maradon was caught in doping test in 94 US world cup he claimed that because of his popularity FIFA made a deal with him to take weight loss drugs so that he can get fitter before the 94 world cup and help increase the ticket sales in USA. But once FIFA realised that his popularity won’t have much of an imapact they persecuted him.

1934 World Cup – Mussolini’s “Victory or Death” letter:

Italian dictator Mussolini played a big role in the outcome of 1934 world cup, he picked referee of his own choice and also wrote a letter to Italian squad which stated “victory or death”. While 1930 world cup’s Argentinian star “Monti” was also threatend and was asked to become a italian citizen to play for Italy.

1970 World Cup’s Bobby Moore & Jewlery theft:

Ahead of the 1970 world cup defending champions England’s captain Bobby Moore was arrested by the local colombian police, moore was accused of stealing jewllery. But the matter was sorted before the first group game and moore captained england in the competition. It is believed that Moore was framed to get england’s prepartions disrupt.

2014 World Cup Draw Was Riggid ?

Many people speculate that the draw for 2014 world cup was riggid to favour host nations brazil. It was alleged in argentina news papers La Nacion’s two reporters were assured that Argentina will be placed in the Group F. But since the allegation came from arch rivals of Brazil not many people bought this theory.

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