10 Historic Women Who Played Against Men in Sports

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In 21st century, women has got the rights they deserve in almost all fields of life and that include sports. But in the previous century they had to dig deep and work very hard to get their right to play sports against men. Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the greatest women who competed against men in different sports. Starting with a recent case from Nascar.

Danica Patrick total yearly earnings10. Danica Patrick (Nascar)

NASCAR is all about being a super hot car and keep the steering wheel over the course of few hours driving in straight lane, Though this sport does not require too much from the drivers body but still Danica Patricks inclusion in the nascar is a pretty big break through. She is a decent driver at this level and won “2008 Indy Japan 300” and finished third in Indy 500 in 2009. With that comes recognition and success out of the circuit. She is one of the top 10 highest paid female athlete in the world.

Violet Palmer09. Violet Palmer (NBA Referee)

Now this is a ground breaking story from the late 90’s. Violet Palmer is a renounced name in american sport as she become the first female to officiat games in NBA. She started as Pro NBA Ref back in 1997 and since than have officiated little over 700 games in NBA while she also take charge in WNBA games. Palmer also became the first female to have officiated NBA Playoff and All Star Games.

Katie Hnida08. Katie Hnida (NCAA College Football)

Katie Hnida scored points as the first ever female athlete in the men’s college highest division (Division I-A) in 2003. Before her one more female athlete had played against men in college football but Katie Hnida managed to score points and she went on top player for Colordo.

Eri Yoshida07. Eri Yoshida (Baseball)

Yoshida comes from Japan and was perticularly big fan of Tim Wakefield. She made her debut in “Kansai Independent Baseball League” at the age of mere 18 before moving to higher division. She never made it in the big professional leaues but still here courage and skill got him some recognition with the “Golden Baseball League” which is one of the largest independent minor league in USA. She moved back to Japan where she played in men’s leagues. She also played in North American Baseball League becoming only the first female having played in 3 different countries.

Jackie Tonawanda06. Jackie Tonawanda (Boxing)

Jackie Tonawana was one of the great female boxers who set the trend of sharing the ring against men. She filed a case in New York Athletic Commision for letting female compete in boxing fights and the commission ruled the case in here favour. She made her pro debut against a male kick-boxer knocking him out in just 2nd round and it was the biggest breakthrough in women sports.

Jackie Mitchell05. Jackie Mitchell (Baseball)

One of the finest female player who competed agaist men, she was playing for “Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts” in 1930’s but she was only there as public stunt but when this team took on New York Yankees in a off season exibition game she took her pitching quite good and in just 7 pitches she strike out couple of Yankees greatest players.

Billie Jean King vs pompous Riggs04. Billy Jean King (Tennis)

One of the greates female tennis player, she won many grand slams in her career though she never competed in a match against men on WTA tournament. But back in 1973 an unofficial match was orgnized where she would take on pompous Riggs for the winner takes all ($100,000) tennis match which was televised live and millions watched it world wide while more 35,000 attended the game. She managed to beat in male counter-part in straight sets.

Babe Zaharias03. Babe Zaharias (Golf)

Babe Zaharias made the cut in many men’s gold competitions, never won anything substantial but she was an house hold name in american at the time. Her competing against men is notable but what she achieved in her career overall is far more impressive. She was a basketball player, soft ball, baseball and managed to win 2 gold medals in olympics 1932.

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