Undertaker’s Journey in WWE from Deadman to Man

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 | 0

The Undertaker made his debut in WWE at 1990 Survivor Series. The Undertaker reeks of the dank, musty crypt. Around him is the aura of the grave. He moves with deadly purpose, putting constant pressure on the adversary. Relentlessly, he stalks his prey in the ring with cold efficiency. The UnderTaker was the Grim Reaper of WWE.

The four personas of the undertaker which includes his ‘Western Mortician’, ‘Deadman’, ‘Lord of Darkness’ and ‘The Ministry’. consists of his dark sides. In these personas he was the man from the darkest side, wearing full black clothing attire and upon it he used to wear long overcoat and a hat with long shoes and a gloves that was a gimmick of his character. However he goes slight changes in his different personas but he remain to his root. The undertaker was “SuperHuman” having within him the super natural power which he sometimes used to play the super natural mind games. His above personas were scary and his entrance too was frightening. The Undertaker was assigned to come from graveyard. His type of matches include Casket matches, Buried alive matches and Hell in a Cell. The Undertaker character was awesome.

The Undertaker did unthinkable and unexpected when he not only changed his persona but eventually he brokes the character totally when he appeared as ‘American Bad Ass’ wearing the bandana and goggles and coming on bike that does not suits to the undertaker at all and the same is applied to his ‘Big Evil’ in addition that he made his hair short. He was not in his root where he truly belongs to. His theme music was dramatical and he was beinghuman. This was not the justification. He changed the meaning of the Undertaker. He destroyed his character and demolished his legacy. How come’s Vince McMahon didn’t stop him of doing that change.

The next was when he returns as ‘Hybrid’ which combines all his previous personas where he was 75% to 80% darkside and 20% to 25% dramatical side. One thing about this persona was that it was unstable. So there was one ‘real’ Undertaker and that was the Undertaker in the previous four personas mentioned above.

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