10 Things Which Can Make FIFA 15 Awesome

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2014 | 1

Removing Scripting/Handicap/Momentum thing:

FIFA 15 Removing Scripting Handicap Momentum

The first thing I would like EA to address is this obvious scripting going on in the online matches. When you start to get a few successive wins under your belt there comes a game or two where your defenders are running on jelly pitch, keepers scared of the ball and game engine just don’t want you to win. So many threads I have seen people talking about it and I would love this scripting thing to disappear from the game.

Better ability to “close control and dribbling”

FIFA need to make sure we have proper control over the ball, specialy while using gifted players like Juan Mata, Silva, Neymar etc. Currently this precision control is a bit eratic and hard to use. So with new consoles power to be unleashed FIFA should get it right.

Pace Abuse:

FIFA 14 handel the pace abuse much better than the previous versions but still players can burn the length of the pitch with speedy wingers and attackers. In FIFA it seems its speed what wins you matches rather than skill and control of the ball. Dodgy stats and what not is somthing effecting the pace of the game. Attackers always seem to be faster than defenders and midfielders.

Better Defensive AI model:

Now this is a very important factor in the game, when you playing against other players online mostly defenders are not in your control (not entirely) their position sense is silly, can’t make adjustments and are very predictable in a few aspects of the game. For example this lofted ball abuse make defenders act like idiots and headles chickens. One throughout over the top on a counter attack and they are all over the place. This is somthing need fixing.

Unique Player models

In EA Sports FIFA almost all the players behave the same only thing make them different is pace/speed and shooting/passing ability. EA need to introduce as many player models as possible to give the game a real aspect. A xavi model should be able to control the game like xavi, David Silva should dominate games the way he do it in real life and Daniel De Rossi model can play a pitbul style gameplay.

This is one area where PES is head and shoulders above FIFA, in FIFA all we get is players with different boots and celebrations. In my opinion this is the time for EA to take the game to next level and that is personal side of the game and I am sure with power of new consoles this is pretty much do able.

Better touch and control on aerial/lofter balls:

Any player in the game struggle to control any ball from the air, you pull up a great lofted ball and your player take 3-4 touches only for defender to catch you easily. Frustrate and it kind of kills the gameplay variety. FIFA is all about very easy peasy precise passing along the ground and running down the wings for crosses.

There is no scenario in the game when your pull a long ball and have drogba fighting it out with defenders to get/control the ball. Lofted ball has to be extremely precise to control or its always defender who will get to the ball.

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