Interesting Shirt Numbers in Football History

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European club Football has evloved so much in the recent couple of decands and football has become the number one money spinner sport in the world, big tv broadcasting deals, massive shirt sponsorship and suppliers contracts and the commersial side has also sky rocketed which resulted in huge salaries to players and managers alike. At the start of every season football fans are looking to buy their favourite teams shirts and often use their favourite player name and number on the shirts they buy.

Historicly players number is defined by the players position in the lineup, defenders usualy use numbers from 2 to 6, wingers and midfielders take numbers like 7 and 11 while strikers use 9 and 10. But there have been many cases when some famous players opted for unusual numbers and we take a look at some of the famous squad numbers which did not really fit in the system.

Ivan Zamorano (1+8)

Ivan Zamorano shirt number in inter Milan

Zamorano made his name with Real Madrid scoring 77 goals in 5 seasons he played for the Glacticos, when he signed for Inter Milan his favourite numbers 9 and 10 were already taken and he was left with number 18. What do he do ? he put a small “+” better 1 & 8 which adds up to 9 mathematicaly. Improvsation !

Ossie Ardiles (1)

Ardiles became the only outfield player to have every wore a “1” jersey in 1982 world cup playing for Argentina. Before the world cup started Argentina football team decided to allot numbers to squad members alphabaticaly and Ardiles got the no.1 shirt which is usualy reserved for first choice keepers.

Mario Balotelli (45)

Liverpool recently signed Mario Balotelli from AC Milan and he picked his favourite 45 number for his shirt and he played with 45 at his back since his young days at Inter Milan. The story behind is pretty simple, according to Balotelli himself when he was in the Inter Milan ranks at the age of 17 he was left with a choice to choose numbers from 36-50 and he chose 45. Because 4 + 5 is 9 and he scored in four consecutive games and it became his lucky and most importantly his favourite number.

David Beckham (23)

David Beckham’s no.7 manchester united shirt is one of the most iconic in the premier league history, but when he joined Real Madrid in 2003 his favourite No.7 was already taken by Real madrid legend Raul. David Beckham choose no.23 because one of the his favourite athlete Michael Jordon wore this number in his Chicago Bulls days.

Ronaldinho (80), Andriy Shevchenk0 (76), Mathieu Flamini (84)

Back in 2008-09 season when AC Milan signed the trio there first choice numbers were already taken and all three players went with numbers which represented the year they were born.

Bixente Lizarazu (69)

French international Lizarazu played for Bayern Munich in the shirt number 69 and that was because he was born in 1969 and his hieght was also 169.

Clint Dempsey (2)

American international Clint Dempsey played in shirt no.23 with Fulham but when he joined Tottenham Hotspurs he opted for no.2 shirt which represent his part time profession (as a rapper) where he is nicknamed Deuce.

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