5 Shortest Footballers (In terms of Height)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 | 1

Football evolves and players desired characteristics changes over the years, There times when tall powerful players were prefered in the world game but in the recent times spain and barcelona dominated world football and their midfield is full of short players like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc. Today we are going to take a look some of the shortest players who had some sort of impact in their careers.

#7. Rui Barros – 1.6 metre (5.3 feet)

One of the very successfull footballer from Portugal who played for FC Porto, Monaco, Juventus and Marsielle in his career and represented Portual on 36 occasions and scoring 4 goals.

His height was around 5.3 feet making him one of the shortest player with such long career.

#6. Maximiliano Moralez – 1.6 metre (5.3 feet)

Argentina forward has played for number of european clubs including Racing (spain) Sparak Moscow (Russia) and Atlanta (italy) and he also played international game for Argentina.

#5. Samuel Lee – 1.57 metre (5 feet 1.81 in)

You might have known him from Liverpool dug-out a few seasons ago.

when he worked as assistant to than manager rafa benitez, Samuel Pete Lee’s height is 5 feet 1.8 inches making him one of the shortest english player. He played Liverpool in his playing days

#4. Jafal Al-Kuwari – 1.55 metre (5.1 feet)

He played his football for qatari side Al-Sadd and went on to captain his country qatar in many international games.

Rashel Al-Kuwari was long considered the shortest player to have played for any fifa recognized national side his height is just 5.1 feet.

#3. Marcin Garuch – 1.55 metre (5 .1 feet)

Plays in polish football league and his height is mere 5.1 feet but that does not mean that he can’t play, at the age of 24 he is pocket size dynamo

He can score all sorts of goals, freekicks and create goals with his electric ball control.

#2. Daniel Villalva – 1.54 metre  (5 feet, 0.63 in)

A very good prospect from argentina who played in the U-17 world cup for argentina while plays his club football with river plate in his native country.

He is a solid forward who can run behind defence, play at the wings and score goals.

He is currently 21 years of age and his height is just over 5 feet.

Élton Gomes shorttest footballer ever#1. Élton José Xavier Gomes – 1.54 metre (5 feet and 0.63 in)

Jaise Xavier Gomes was voted best player in last decade for Steaua Bucharest in romania, pocket size attacking midfielder has unique style of drippling and could pass and pull a fierce shot. He also played in Saudi Arabia.

He is the shortest football player in the world according to our research through internet.

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