Top 5 Scandals which Rockeed Sports

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 | 0

Well,this topic might be a never-ending story or list.. scandals in sport became very common,unfortunately!High-testosterone athletes and and willing(or maybe not willing) fallen “angels” are combination that leads to troubles!Let`s focus on five of them and see who fell down and how low?!

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer and professional womanizer-fuckaholic!once he got married and he got bored he has started flirting with almost every fallen “angel” around but “flirting” is a very light word in this matter! His devations crossed the limits!One girl was not enough over and over again.After all these affairs Woods started dating Lindsay Vonn and they are together by now.Good luck Tiger and keep calm finally!

2.Franck Ribery


Instead of being one of the most famous and professional footballer he became one of the biggest scnadalmonger of 2010.What is the cause?Having  with  under 18,the fact that having with  under 18 is illegal in France made this case of Ribery even worse!

3.Ashley Cole


There we scandalmonger in football history!Cole one day before matches against Hull and West Bromwich Albion sneaked to his hotel room girl two times!His main love was Vicki Gough(above). His wife Cheryl divorced him as soon as she knew about the scandal!As soon as Cole fell into depression after he divorced Cheryl,Roman Abramowicz was by his side to support him!



“Il Fenomeno”with women Ronaldo had a lot but one of them made his name very bad!Ronaldo had an affair with three transvestites at once!!!He got schocked after he has noticed that three of four people in his hotel room are men!Men dressed like women asked him to keep his mouth shut but he informed police and everything was clear! After drama with transvestites,Ronaldo said that this event hurt his  honor deeply! Mine as well(…)

5.Wayne Rooney


Rooney?good footballer? YES!good father? YES? faithful husband?NOT SURE!He has almost lost his family after confession of prostitute who claimed that Rooney paid her and her friend 1200 £ for !Moreover at that time his wife Coleen was pregnant!Was it tabliod`s job or it really took place in real life? What you guys think about it?

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