6 Rules Changes Required In FIFA World Cup 2018

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 | 31

Germany won their fourth World Cup title in 2014 and the greatest sporting show on earth lived up to its expectations with some memorable moments, matches, goals and some the field stuff. FIfa also introduced a few new technologies during the world cup 2014 including the much needed goal-line technology and Vanishing spray. In four years time we will have FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. I followed the world cup through every single game by covering every match on tsmplug.

2 Yellow Card Suspensions:

When Brazil were losing 5-0 at the break against Germany in their semifinal game, the most notable absence from Brazil lineup was Thiago Silva. Who got 2 yellow cards in the previous 5 matches and ended up suspended from all important Semifinal clash. This rule in my opinion is rubbish, specially in the knockout stages. Fifa need to change this rule and there are a couple of ways with which it can be achieved. 1) reset any bookings after the group stages or Round of 16 matches. 2) increase it to 3 yellow cards before a player gets suspended.

Golden Ball Winners is Decided by Captains/Managers Vote (like Ballon d’Or)

FIFA world cup Golden Ball to be decided by fans captains managers

The best player in the world cup is a very very important award for players and the fans alike. After FIFA decided to award Lionel Messi 2014 World Cup Golden Ball I am afraid this award will lose its charm. Messi was good and but nowhere near the likes of James Rodriguez, Arjen Robben or even Javier Macherano.

I think fifa need to change how the winner is selected, they can take a leaf out of ballon d’or book by asking Captains and managers of world cup teams to vote for the best player (75% weight), Journalists votes (15% weight) they can also use online technology where fans can vote (10% weight)

3 Goalkeepers in Squads Rule Must Go:

Fifa wants atleast three goalkeeprs in every world cup team squad, I think FIFA should allow a choice for managers to carry 3 or less goalkeepers. In 2014 world cup only two teams (Portugal and Holland) used three keepers.

Third Place Playoff is Definitely Not Needed:

When Germany beat Brazil in the semifinal by 7-1 you could ask any Brazilian player whether they would like to play the 3rd place playoff and they would have said no. In World Cup only the team who wins the cup are the real winners, people dont even remember the runnerups let alone 3rd and 4th place teams. Morever world cup is no Olympic games where medals are to be won.

Reseting Substitutions in Knockout Extra-Time Matches:

USA hold out Belgium superbly in first knockout round, they took them to extra time where Belgium where victorious as USA players looked alot more tired. I think it will be a good idea if FIFA can allow extra substitutions in extra-time, perhaps they can reset the substitutions to get the best out of teams even in Extra-Time.

What you think of these rule changes ? maybe you have some suggestions ? use the comments section below to put up your suggestion or why you like/unlike the changes stated above.

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  • tony

    soooooooooo stupid these suggestions hahahahaha…. must be written by a stupid american

    • ececec

      so you still think Messi deserves his golden ball do you

      • rydlx

        yes why nt…twwwwwww

      • asd

        hey asshole do u know football…. if Messi don’t deserve then nobody in the world deserve…..

        • fcb4life

          he didnt score a single goal and had one assist after the group stage you cunt, im a barca fan but dont be a prick about it and learn not to be biased

        • joshhhhh

          He didnt deserve it at the World Cup. Do you know football?

        • SAAAB

          fuck u you Messissy..

  • Frank Rodijk

    who will be real madrid’s goalkeeper in season 2014-2015?

    • Bilbob


  • GHG

    The substitutions idea is terrible. Belgium controlled the match and had the USA on the back foot the whole game. Their play was the reason the USA was tired. It was a deserved advantage for Belgium in the extra time. The other ideas are ok.

  • Jae

    The yellow cards…meh, might wanna check why they already changed the rule this time ?
    Remember Ballack in 2002 at the WC ? Xabi Alonso this year in CL ? Must have been others, but those were the most notable ones who missed FINALS because of the rule. FIFA decided to move the reset for 1/4 so players (notable ones) don’t miss the Finale because of it. If you take a Red, you’re still out though.

    Golden Ball award ? Irelevant. Individual rewards in a team sport ? Meh. We already know a GK will never have it nor the real one (the one they reward in Dec), since they gave a specific GK golden ball, which makes it more irelevant.

    3 GK allows coaches to pick the two best ones, in case the first one gets hurt, or suspended.
    And you have one spot for guys like Krül. And, instead of saying it’s dumb to have 3 GK, you just pick one that’s gonna win you penaltys in case there’s some.

    Reset substitutions ? Even if it was for the show, it would be bad. Managing fatigue is a part of what makes you the best. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to win the title.

    So yeah…basically, the only one that seems relevant to somebody like me, who plays football and watched it for more than 20 years now, is the one about the 3rd place match. Not because people won’t remember those teams (it only depends on the World Cup they had, or if it’s an underdog that reached that stage against all odds), but because nobody gives a fuck about 2nd place already… so, knowing you missed the opportunity to play in the Finale, you just wanna go Home.

    • Sameer

      I think this “Golden Ball” award is very important and It can get even more important if its given to the deserved player every time. It can inspire young players you know…. the only problem is corruption this endorsements stuff. messi got the away just because he is the face of adidas and FIFA is in the pockets of adidas till 2030.

      • Rodrigo

        I´have always thought that extra time should be eliminated at all. It is insane to make players go 120 minutes and then probably again four days later in the next round.
        Jae says about “managing fatigue”. I´d rather have 90 minutes with reasonable level of energy from 22 players. That is what football is all about, not testing your legs for 120 minutes every four days!!
        I´d go directly to penalti kicks after 90 mins.

  • Handsome by Yeah

    Are you really a F1 fan? Are you convinced by the way Mercedes races, or are you with the Ferraris? Thank You!

    • Sameer

      Mercedez have the better cars this season, they are untouchable but this a football thread so lets stick to it.

  • Rydlx


  • CC

    The article is your opinion. You should make that clear..
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how stupid yours is…

    • Sameer

      really smooth 🙂

  • Rachel

    stupid ideas …do u know wht football is.?

  • GUS



    OK suggestions, but the golden ball and substitutions ones are bad. First of all messi captained and led Argentina to the final and had 4 goals as well as was part of most of Argentina’s goals and good play. The fact is James scored a lot and played well but only got to the quarters and scored a penalty in that game. If you remember and know football at all then you know messi played just as well if not better than all the other candidate’s and captained his side to the final so he deserves the golden ball. Secondly as much as I hate to say it the USA deserved to be beaten by Belgium in regular time so the fact that Belgium outplayed the USA so bad that we were exhausted is not the rules fault but just the poor possesion play from the USA.

  • Ra Mess Chamss

    these rules are good form all sides …

  • Togger

    The best rule change would be a ban on diving. Post match, if a player is shown to cheat by divng then they recieve a 6 month ban, 2nd offence = 3 year ban, 3rd offence = life ban. Players looking for the opportunity to cheat ruined the world cup IMHO.

  • fab

    wheres the 6th rule change then?

  • Diegoc02 .

    I agree whit all al them…

  • Gabriel

    this I agree with, but if wondolowski would have scored that goal. extra-time would not even have been needed.

  • austin

    these suggestions are stupid

  • Not a prick

    Messi was awarded the ‘Adidas Golden Ball’ by representatives of global sports brand; Adidas. This is obviously only going to be awarded to Adidas athletes. Adidas’ main sponsor and most well-known face is Messi. FIFA had nothing to do with the voting whatsoever. You clowns.

  • ocoso 1

    No extra substitution during extra time.this is when we differentiate the boyz from the menz.

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    These are just Stupid Suggestion..!! Messi really deserved the Golden Ball..!!

  • D

    Amateurish stuff. Stick to bringing us the best highlights and keep the writing to a minimum.
    Teams would argue to include more goalkeepers, and not fewer than three. Consider Spain, with De Gea injured and Casillas not in form they needed that 3rd option. The yellow card rule applies to all teams; moreover it is in the players’ hands. The resetting substitutions suggestion is ridiculous. Why reset substitutions, let them go home, recover and return after two days so everyone is in top condition? If the Belgian team is capable of playing 120 minutes at the highest level are they not deserved winners?

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