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Pakistan has produced some great sportsmen over the years, and today we are going to take a look at 10 of the greatest athletes who have graced sports in Pakistan. Most of the names comes from cricket but we will go out of the box and list a few unsung and forgotton heros who were true champions of their trade. We will not only count their performances in their respective sports but also their popularity off the field

Imran Khan#1. Imran Khan (Cricketer turned Politicial)

Probably by far the most adored and respected cricketer to have graced the gentlemen’s game. Imran Khan was born in 1952 in city of Lahore. He made his test debut against England back in 1971, at the start he was just a young medium pace bowler but with experience he became one of the finest bowlers in Pakistan history. He has taken 378 wickets in just 88 test matches while also scored 3807 runs.

Khan won the world cup for Pakistan back in 1992 and it was his sheer determination and captaincy skills which got the best out of his players who performed at the peak of their talents. We had better and more talented players from Pakistan but Khans popularity remains in taket and nobody in any sport can even come close to what Imran Khan stands for in Pakistan sports. So he is undisputed number 1.

Shahid Afridi Monthly salary#2. Shahid Afridi (Cricketer)

“Most sixes in world cricket AKA Boom Boom”

Well thats a controversial inclusion but purely on the basis of popularity. Pakistani crowd leave the field when Afridi gets out, hearts trembles when he bats and although more often than not he is a miss but when it his day, he become the most celebrated individual in Pakistan sport.

Made his debut against Kenya, scored fastest century against world champions Sri Lanka in 2nd ODI, now has more man of the match awards than anyone from Pakistan, almost single handedly won T20 world cup 2009 for Pakistan, holds the record of most sixes in the history international cricket ( Afridi’s more records can be found here )

Jahangir Khan#3. Jahangir Khan (Squash)

“Longest winning streak in any sport”

Now we have a pure talent and skill master Jahngir Khan, he holds Guinness World Record of 555 success wins and thats a record not only in squash but in any sport. The longest winning streak which lasted more than 5 years and he won 15 major honours in squash. Jahangir Khan won world open 6 times and bitish open 10 times, making him the greatest squash player ever.

He was born in Peshawar, Pakistan and turned pro at the age of just 17 years his continues dominance in the game was later challenged by another Pakistani great Jansher Khan who comes from the same town. This has to be one of the greatest sporting rivalry but never got any recognition world wide.

Wasim Akram#4. Wasim Akram (Cricketer)

“Sultan of Swing”

The greatest left arm fast bowler to have graced the game of cricket, Wasim is by far the best player Pakistan has produced and he was player of the World Cup 1992 and at the peak of his career. Wasim Akram was born in Lahore back in 1966 and he made his debut against New Zealand in 1985. Known as sultan of swing, Wasim could swing the ball both ways and had reverse swing in his arsenal to keep batsman guessing.

He took 414 wickets in test matches, which is heighest from a Pakistani bowler, while he was the first one to reach 500 wicket mark. Wasim Akram’s later career was tarnished due to max fixing allegations. Though never proven guilty Wasim remains active in cricket through media.

Shahbaz Ahmed Senior hockey player#5. Shahbaz Ahmed Snr (Hockey)

“Maradona of hockey”

Widely regarded as the best forward in field hockey of all times, Shahbaz Ahmad Sr was born in Faisalabad and he guided Pakistan to olympic Bronze medal victory with a massive win in the finals. While his greatest momen came in 1994 when he captained Pakistan to world cup glory. He is the only outfield player in the history of hockey to have won back to back player of the tournament awards in 1990 world cup and 1994 world cup.

hassan sardar#6. Hassan Sardar (Hockey)

Hassan Sardar was born in Karachi, 1959 and he captained Pakistan to 1982 world cup glory in India. Hassan Sardar at the time was the greatest forward Pakistan has produced. He player in many major tournaments for Pakistan but the highlight of his career was back in 1984 when Pakistan won the gold at Los Angles olympics.

Javed Miandad#7. Javed Miandad (Cricket)

Born: 1957 (Karachi)

Miandad’s six against India in Sharjah cup is the highlight of his career but in terms of career he is the greatest batsman pakistan has produced who could go toe to toe with any bowler. Miandad was integral part of 1992 world cup winning team and his test career record stands at 124 matches, 8832 runs, 52 batting average, 23 hundreds.

He is the heighest run getter from Pakistan, performing consistantly Miandad became darling of pakistan cricket fans and till today his openion is regarded pretty highly in pakistan cricket.

MUhammad yousuf#8. Muhammad Yousaf (Snooker Player)

Is the greatest Pakistan snooker player and he has won multiple world titles and other major events. Yousuf completed pakistani sports dominance in early 90’s by winning 1994 IBSF World Snooker Championship and at that time Pakistan was also World Champions of cricket, hockey and squash.

Inzamam Ul Haq cricket#9. Inzamam Ul Haq (Cricketer)

Another great name in Pakistan sport, Inzamam made his name in famous 1992 world cup winning team, but later became the best batsman Pakistan has every produced. Inzamam player for Pakistan in 17 years of his career and will always be remembered as a true match winner.

shoaib Akhrar#10. Shoaib Akhtar (Cricketer)

Yeah I know, there are better players than him he could have made the top 10 list, but this is about poularity right ? and shoaib Akhtar was pretty much tick all the boxes to be a legend. Though his career was short lived with all the injuries and controversies he has to face.

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