6 Most Tragic Cricketing Scandals

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Famous or infamous, you garner a lot of attention and publicity in both cases and owing this fact many people and players get a lot of undesired attention for the deeds which they can’t flaunt about and they don’t want us to know about them either. Sports are full of scandals and at times these scandals have driven many staggering careers to an early and unanticipated end. Cricket like other sports is full of such scandals and cricketers are not new to the scandals as well.

In the last century, on numerous occasions cricketers became headlines in newspapers for unwanted reasons but we won’t dose you off by discussing so old scandals about which even your grandfather might not have a recollection. We are bringing to you most famous scandals of modern era. Few of them ended bitterly for the involved players.

1. Spot Fixing (Asif ,Aamir & Salman Butt).

Seldom have there ever been such scandals, like the one under discussion, which were of such colossal magnitude that not only damaged the concerned player’s career but also inflicted an irreparable damage, irremovable stain and irrecoverable loss. The tranquil summer of 2010 became turbulent when “News of the world” published proofs of involvement of three cricketers in spot fixing. Salman Butt, the then captain of Pakistani team, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Aamir were the accused players. A lot of accusations were hurled towards ICC and it came under great pressure from fans and sporting fraternity for upholding the fairness of gam.

All of these players were immediately taken into custody by Scotland yard and a case was launched against them in court while ICC initiated a separate investigation. All three of them pledged innocence but were found guilty and banned by ICC .Salman Butt was banned for 10 years, Asif for 7 and Aamir for 5 years. This ban has effectively ended the career of Salman Butt and Asif while Aamir, who got advantage for being young, is expected to return after the 2015 World Cup. Nevertheless, all these talented players destroyed their careers at their own hands.

2. The Monkeygate Saga (Symonds & Harbhajan).

Andrew Symonds, no doubt an awesomely great all rounder to have in your team was un necessarily dragged into a conflict with Harbhajan Singh. During India’ tour to Australia in 2008,Symonds and Harbhajan got into a bit off a fight but it took a serious turn when Harbhajan allegedly called Symonds a” Monkey”. Racism is not tolerable in any sports and such comments definitely sparked a big controversy. Relations between both teams got strained. BCCI stood firmly behind Harbhajan and according to Symonds succeeded in intimidating Cricket Australia. Harbhajan, who was initially banned for three matches, eventually got away with just 50% of his match fee fine. According to Ricky Ponting, this incident instigated Symond’s demise. He felt justice wasn’t served.

3 .Afridi’s Ball Tempring.

It was the last match of the 5 match series between Pakistan and Australia in which Australia was leading by 4-0.It was Afridi’s first match as captain. In a match which was going to the wire, the unpredictable Afridi, in his quest to win the match at all costs, took everyone by surprise by chewing the ball like an apple. He was caught on camera and ball was changed but Afridi couldn’t avoid few matches ban. He apologized for his acts immediately.

4. Inzamam’s refusal to play.

In the last decade or so, scandals have become a common thing whenever a sub continental team visits England. Pakistan’s tour to England in 2006 was no different. But, what happened on this tour in Oval test was not unprecedented but it was certainly a rare sight. Pakistan under the captaincy of Inzimam Ul Haq was playing in Oval when Umpire Darrel Hair, who had an uneasy relationship and substantial history with Pakistani team, without even providing the Pakistani team an opportunity to defend their case, granted 5 penalty runs to England. Match stopped due to bad light and a furious Inzamam called a team meeting and enquired if any of his players were involved in any kind of ball tempering. Out of 26 cameras installed on the ground, not even single could provide any visual of possible tempering being done to the ball. No Pakistani player was involved in the spiteful act yet they were labeled as cheaters by Darrel Hair. Protesting against this decision, Inzimam refused to take his team back into the ground after tea.

This was a very very rare sight when a team recorded its protest by not playing the match. This incident garnered a lot of media attention. This is how first test match in the history of cricket was forfeited.Initially Hair declared England as the winner of the match but after an enquiry, match was declared draw. Ultimately because of this incident, Darrel hair had to retire and Inzamam was suspended for

5. Amla being called terrorist.

Hashim Aamla has been a revelation for South Africa ever since his comeback in the team. Amla is a practicing Muslim and among all international cricketers he stands out with his beard. A star performer in all three formats has a reputation of gentle, kind and forgiving man. Whole of the cricketing fraternity was outraged when Dean Jones, an Australian commentator, called Amla a terrorist as he took a catch. Jones not knowing that he was on air and millions of people were listening to him, called Amla a terrorist. This incident created much uproar. Even though magnanimous Amla forgave Jones for his comments, Dean Jones was banned from commentary by ICC.

6. Bob Woolmer’s tragic death or murder.

2007 World Cup was a nightmare for Pakistan. After losing to an associated team Ireland, Pakistan was knocked out of the tournament in the very first round for the consecutive second world Cup. Notwithstanding this shocking performance, Pakistan’s coach Bob Woolmer died of cardiac failure that very night and was found dead the next morning. This was an absolute shocker for everyone. The situation was ripe for rumors so baseless allegations of murder were also hurled and a lot of media hype creating a connection between match fixing and Woolmer’s murder were being established in press. That time was really tough for the already dejected Pakistani team. Police investigated players and management and eventually Woolmer’s death was termed natural but not before a lot of chaos which was created I the media.

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