Top 15 Most Successful WWE Divas In History

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When we talk about professional wrestling a few names comes into mind and those are the likes of UnderTaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rocks and the John Cenas of this world but some of the female counter parts have played a big role in making WWE what is it today. Female professional wrestlers who are often known as WWE divas have enjoyed some huge success inside the ring and outsite of it with all sort of endorsements with modeling companies and movies tv shows and what not and today we are going to take a look at top 10 most succesfull WWE Divas ever.

We are going to rank top 10 most succesfull and richest WWE Divas in the world of wreslting, some of them got huge success with WWE and some used WWE just as a stepping stone to go onto bigger and better things.

#1. Torrie Wilson – Net Worth: $18 million

Torrie Wilson is by far the richest female wrestler to have graced wwe, she won the peagent “Miss Galaxy 1998” and that was before she joined the highly succesfull early 2000s wwe roster which had so many big names. But she managed to hold on to her success in the ring for quite a while before her career took off and she posed for play boy, fhm magazine covers and she was voted as 43 sexies women in the world by FHM magazin.

Off the ring, her enodrsements with many modeling companies and tv appearences has earned her quite a few millions while her high published relationship with highest paid baseball star rodriguez took her image to next level. She was released from WWE back in 2008 but since than she managed to stay in the spotlight with all sorts of magazine covers and yoga and women excersise dvds etc.

#2. Trish Stratus – Net Worth: $5 million

Perhaps the most recognizable faces from WWE women wrestling. Trish Stratus is all in one package and canadian born wrestler achieved everything in wrestling a women can. She won the WWE women championship 7 times and with her ring performances and combination of hot body and looks she took her career to a whole new level.

Now retired from professional wrestling she got married and has a kid, while her of the ring business is growing with newly opened “Stratusphere Yoga in Toronto” She also released couple of fitness dvds and appeared in many talk shows etc.

#3. Stacy Keibler – Net Worth: $4.5 million

A former NFL Cheerleader and started her professional wrestling career back in 90 when she was just 19 year old. Though she was not your typical well build wrestler, she had more of model looks and long legs which put her into stardom and after leaving WWE in 2006 she has been relavent in hollywood by doing many modeling assigments, couple of short movie rols and her relationship with George Cloney.

#4. Mickie James – Net Worth: $4 million

Mickie James the former Trish stratus fan who turned professional wrestler. She has the 2nd longest winning streak in WWE women wrestling history. She left WWE after 11 long years and moved onto showbiz stuff. She is a decent signer as well and released her first music album “Strangers and Angels”

#5. Lita – Net Worth: $2.5 million

Orignal Name: Amy Dumas

Lita is another most famous WWE diva who made the name for herself, mainly because of her in the ring performances than the body show. She won the WWE championship 4 times and was part of highly successful roster of WWE which included some of the biggest names in the history of Wrestling.

#6. Sable – Net Worth ($2 Million)

Orignal Name: Rena Marlette Lesnar

Sable was one of the women wrestlers who came to fame in the late 90’s in WWF attitude era and she was one of the pioneers of sex symble in WWF, in her days her bra and panties matches were hall mark of every WWF Show and her career took a big step to stardom when she posed for Playboy back in 1999.

Now she has moved on and now married to Brock lesnar with whom she has two sons and at the age of 47, she has left a legacy behind WWE which changed to female wrestling face.

#7. Nikki Bella – Net Worth: $1.5 million

Another of recent WWE recruits, she has got so much success in such limited time and she also has the twin sister. They also part of WWE television show “total divas” Nikki Bella got more success on WWE tv series than in the ring and she was allegdly in relationship with highest paid WWE wrestler John Cena.

#8. Natalya – Net Worth: $2.2 million

Natalya is the family member of former WWF legen Bret Hart, She has been a total success since she joined WWE. Wrestling is her family profession and that goes to show when she takes the centre stage in the ring week and week out. Basicly she is from canada and has been in WWE roster on and off since 2008.

#9. AJ Lee – Net Worth: $2.3 million

Orignal Name: April Jeanette Mendez

A 26 year old wrestler who is at the peak of her powers, AJ Lee won the WWE Divas Championship and a title she has been defending for quite a while She is one of the most important members of current WWE roster.

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