10 Most Successful Football Managers In History

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 | 12

greatest football managers

Manager is the most important person behind the success of a club, your club can have a all star squad but if the manager is not experienced enough to deal with the big egos of superstars club can not see the best of them players. Louis Van Gaal’s bold substitution during Holland vs Costa Rica game where he brought on Tim Krul for just penalties inspired this post as we take a look at 10 of the most success managers in the world.

#10. Fabio Cappelo (Number of European Clubs and National Teams)

Fabio Cappelo was a quality footballer and he is a even better manager having spent 15 years with teams like Milan, Roma, Juventus, Real Madrid and won 9 league titles in Italy (7) and Spain (2) he also guided Milan to their 1994 Champions League crown. Managed England at World Cup 2010 and Russia in 2014 without much of a success. Its safe to say that he is a better club manager than the national team coach.

#9. Walter Smith (Greatest Rangers Manager)

Walter Smith won 7 straight league titles with Rangers in 1990’s and he spend two spells are rangers as a manager winning 22 major honours.

#8. Louis Van Gaal (League Titles in 3 countires and Champions League with Ajax)

Van Gaal is one of the most prominant managers in the world at the moment, this summer he has been in the news for all the right reason. First he was confirmed as United manager than he guided Holland to Semifinals as I write this article. He won 3 league titles with Ajax and a Champions League title before joining Barcelona where he won 2 back to back league titles. He also managed Bayern Munich back in 2009-10 season and win the Bundesliga title and finished runnerup in Champions League.

#7. Jose Mourinho (2 Champions League & 7 League titles in 4 countries)

Mourinho won 2 league titles, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 Champions League title with FC Porto before he joined Chelsea for the first spell. He won Chelseas their first league title since 1955 and moved to InterMilan after winning 2 league titles in England. In Italy he won 2 league titles, 1 Champions League and joined Real Madrid where he failed to win Champions League but managed to break Barcelona’s supermacy by winning La Liga, at his relatively young age he has already won 18 major titles.

#6. Ernst Happel (First manager to win two european cups at two different clubs)

Austrian born Ernst Happel was one of the greatest coaches in the world cup, he won league titles in 4 different countries and guided Feyenoord Rotterdam (Holland) and Hamburg (Germany) to European titles becoming the first manager to have won Champions League with different clubs. His managerial career lasted 30 years and He also guided Holland to 1978 final where they lost against Argentina.

#5. Bob Paisley (Only manager to have won 3 european titles)

Bob Paisley was the guiding figure to 1970’s Liverpool side who won league titles and domestic cups for fun while reaching their peak in 1975 to 1981 when they won 3 champions league titles and 1 UEFA Cup in 5 years. He is considered the greatest Liverpool manager in the history.

#4. Giovanni Trapattoni (Greatest Italian Manager)

Trapattoni has won league titles in 4 different countries and also guided Milan to 2 champions League titles and won 6 league titles with Juventus and guided them to Champions League glory. He has won every major Italian title as well as European major trophy.

#3. Ottmar Hitzfeld

Two European crowns with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich and highly successful reigns as manager which guided both Dortmund and Bayern Munich to multiple league titles. He also managed teams in Switzerland league and their national team in 2014 world cup.

#2. Jock Stein (First British Manager to win European Cup)

Celtic manager Stein is widely considered as one of the best managers of all times, he won 9 straight league titles with Celtic and also guided them to european glory.

#1. Sir Alex Ferguson (Greatest British Manager with 49 major trophies)

Sir Alex has won it all, he started his career as a manager at Aberdeen and won 3 league titles and 4 scotish cups before joining United and rest as they say was history. 13 league titles with United and 2 Champions League titles combined with 5 FA Cups and 4 league cups lead him to be the greatest manager of all times.

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  • Jeff

    Brian Clough..

  • walter crosby jr

    Carlos Bilardo

  • Flame

    Did you consider Rinus Michels? I was going crazy at first why you didn’t have him on your list, but I’m guessing with succesful you mostly mean winning titles. He may not have won as many titles as these guys., But stil some significant ones, and being runner up on the World Cup should also count for something. And he’s credited with the invention of ‘Total Football’, and called ‘manager of the century’ in 1999 by FIFA itself. Could you have bigger honours then these last two? If that’s not succes I don’t know what is.

    What I really think is that you just don’t know him because he’s from a while back, and you didn’t do either a lot or good research.

  • sam

    Where is Pep He is way greater than Sir Alex Fergusen

    • jereau

      Dream on dude Sir Alex is the greatest

      • Tim

        I hate man u but its true sir ferguson is the greatest

  • http://www.sarbatrikbrahma.yolasite.com Sarbatrik Brahma

    where is Pep Guerdilo?

  • Louis J V Borg

    What about. Rinus michels.?

  • No. 10

    Where are Brian Clough & Arsene Wenger????????

    • Tutu

      Arsense wenger master in loosing .

  • Karl Carroll

    Pepe? Yep, its hard taking one of the best teams in the world and making them one of the best teams in the world. Then when your team is starting to age and deteriorate, wait and see who replaces them at the top and take that team over instead of actually proving your worth by rebuilding.

    Walter Smith? Rangers in a one team league, then goes to a genuinely competitive league and fails miserable in England before returning to the one team league with that one team. Never did anything in europe either.

    Ferguson is 2nd, he won in europe with a relatively minor Scottish team and actually managed to make them the top team ahead of Celtic and Rangers before leaving and rebuilding a Man Utd team from mid table nobodies to european champions.

    However the special one, turns every team into european champions. His record across different leagues and teams says it all and he will only add to that in the future.

    Man U should have snapped him up when they had the chance

  • whack-a-mole

    Your opinion is wayyyyy off. Football(or is it soccer) is not your strong point. Cheers.

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