Top 10 Teams to Score Most Number of Sixes in ODIs

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West Indies and Bangladesh were involved in a match in which a number of old records were shattered, mostly by West Indian side. West Indies scored 19 sixes in one match and bettered their record of 14 sixes in an ODI. T20 Cricket has revolutionized the game and has created a remarkable impact on the longer formats of the game as well.6 runs per over, which was once considered a mammoth task once, is an ordinary thing these days.  Better bats, batting favorable rules and dead tracks have also shifted the balance of game in batsmen’s way. Have you ever wondered which team has scored most number of sixes in ODIs? Is it the four time world Champion Australia or the side from Caribbean? See it for yourself.

India – 2064 sixes

Indian ODI total Sixes


The modern day batting giant, India, tops this list with 2064 sixes. No doubt the likes of Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh have great contributions to this number but it’s the recent lot of young Indian cricketers, gifted with enough power and skills to send the ball over the boundary, who have played a pivotal role in bringing India to the top.

West Indies – 2010 sixes

No surprises here, the West Indian sides have always been served by some big hitters. The recent onslaught by Ramdin against Bangladesh helped West Indian team to cross two thousand sixes. West Indies is second on our list with 2010 sixes. With World Cup just round the corner, fans expect the big hitters like Chris Gayle and Pollard to be in form to score many such big sixes to help them win the World Cup once again.

Pakistan – 1982 sixes

The Asian giant, Pakistan, has always been famous for its mercuric batting line up always backed by a strong bowling line up, but in spite of its hereditary batting problems, Pakistan is higher on our list than Australia and South Africa. Pakistan is closing into the 2000 mark and is third on our list with 1982 sixes. Shahid Afridi has scored 16.8 % percent of these sixes and is the highest six scorer in ODI with a surreal number of 333 sixes.

Australia – 1770 sixes

Australia lags way behind Pakistan with 1770 sixes. While it’s astonishing to see the four times World Champion so behind the top team to score most sixes , it also forces us to ponder upon the practical value of sixes and six scorers in the context of match results. Australia which ruled the cricketing world for the better part of the last decade, is no way near India in scoring sixes but without doubt it has tasted victory more times than India. This strengthens the notion that sixes are not the deciding factor in a match.

New Zealand – 1666 sixes

The geographical neighbor of Australia, New Zealand, also happens to be its neighbor in this list with 1666 sixes. Generally, grounds in New Zealand have much smaller boundaries compared to other international grounds and provided the fact that New Zealand plays a major number of its matches at home, it should have been much higher on our list.

South Africa – 1268 sixes

South Africa has scored 1268 sixes in ODIs. The African side has played less international cricket relative to other full member states. With the kind of talent which is representing South Africa these days, there should be no doubt that South Africa will soon be much higher in this list.

Sri Lanka – 1233 sixes

Sri Lanka is almost neck to neck with South Africa in this list with 1233 sixes. The stylish Lankan batsmen are known for their delicate boundaries and impeccable timing rather than hard hitting so they have done well according to their standards. They play more disciplined cricket than any other Asian team and now with few hard hitters like Parera they will definitely be seen scoring more sixes.

England – 1131 sixes

The country which invented cricket has generally suffered in World Cups at the hands of the nations which learnt cricket from it and here again the scenario is same. England has scored only 1131 sixes in ODIs.

Zimbabwe – 838 sixes

Zimbabwe is 9th on our list with 838 sixes. In past, Zimbabwe had the services of many reputable batsmen like Flower brothers but recently Zimbabwe hasn’t shown any notable performance, neither has it produced any exceptional batsman so it seems it will remain at this spot for some time.

Bangladesh – 503 ODI sixes

It’s a pity that Bangladesh is always at the bottom of the lists as this one. Its not fair with a nation which is so passionate about its cricket. Bangladesh has managed to score only 503 ODI sixes.

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