Most Followed Cricketers on Social Media

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 | 0

Most Followed Cricketers on social media

Cricket is a sport which has been around since 18th century and its growsth has been slow but steady in 19th but things are looking pretty good since turn of this millenium. Specialy in subcontinent where cricket has become a premier sport with the introduction of T20 cricket and later Indian premier League.

More money is involved in the domestic game in india and other cricket playing nations and players are getting more exposure on TV live matches and in the world of social media. Today we take a look at top 10 most followed crickets on facebook and twitter.

#1. SACHIN TENDULKAR – @sachin_rt – (4.35 million)

#2. VIRAT KOHLI – @iamVkohli – (3.29 million)

#3. MS DHONI – @msdhoni – (2.89 million)

#4. VIRENDER SEHWAG – @virendersehwag (2.71 million)

#5. YUVRAJ SINGH – @yuvstrong12 (2.39 million)

#6. KEVIN PIETERSON – @kp24 (1.78 million)

#7. SHANE WARNE – @ShaneWarne (1.59 million)

#8. CHRIS GAYLE – @henrygayle (1.54 million)

#9. ZAHEER KHAN – @iamzaheer (1.46 million)

As expected we have 8 indian players in the list who have more than 1.5 million fans. Sachin Tendulkar leads the way with 4.35 million twitter followers in his ranks while Virat Kohli overtook MS Dhoni this year by touching 3.25 million followers. It goes to show what kind of effect Indian Premier League is having on indian cricket.

Not only indian players have more fans now a days they also are getting paid almost equal to good footballers in the world. MS Dhoni was decalred in forbes list of top 20 highest paid athletes last year.

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