Reasons Why MMA is Better Than Boxing ?

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 | 1

UFC vs Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest sport in the world and we have seen some of the greatest athletes in the world to have come through boxing ranks, the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao are just a few names in different generations who made Boxing mainstream but Boxing is always hindered by politics between different promotions and promoters. Since the time of “Don King” who virtualy killed boxing and starved fans from getting the fights they want. On the other hand we have MMA sport where UFC is the mainstream orgnization which is pretty new on the scene but they have gained huge popularity due to shorter but more exciting fights. Lets take a look at a few reasons why MMA is better Than Boxing.

More events with big fights:

UFC has grown so much in the last decade, now not only we have much anticipated PPV events but inbtween those we get weekly action of of MMA on Fox Sports and sometime ever free coverage of good fights. In the category UFC leave boxing in its shadows.

On the other hand we have Boxing where Pacquiao vs Mayweather just can’t seem to happen due to huge political game going on between top rank and showtime. Klitschko is fighting bums like Alex Leapai, one of the best pound for pound boxer Andre Ward can’t get into the ring because tv deal rifts. Occasionaly you will get a fight (Froch Vs Groves) which will lift your heart and leave you wonder only if fans could get what they want boxing will be fun again.

Quality Matchups in MMA:

Nothing to take away from boxing, we can get many matchups of skilled boxer vs power puncher style but when we talk about UFC has even more interesting matchup, you might see a wrestler go against a kickboxer, muai thai might come against Jitsu Jitus specialist and thats what makes UFC intriguing and fun to watch.

Much Better Marketing & Coverage:

Floyd Mayweather pretended to be bigger than “Boxing” which is a shame really. Almost every other boxer is cocky, arrogent and showoff his money (Adrien Broner) Over hype fights kind of killing boxing. On the other hand we have UFC who present MMA sports to masses with better marketing, exclusive TV shows which shows behind the scene stuff of ultimate fighting championship.

IN MMA fighters are more on a humble side and MMA Sports as whole still bigger than its star fighters which makes away into making great fights happening.

Mega-Fights Happen:

There was a time in boxing when world championship title holders were defending their titles atleast 2-3 times a year not what we get is Wladimir Klitschko who dont want to get into the ring for less than $10 million and that too against a handpicked taxi driver.

On the other hand we UFC almost all the top fighters get into the ring several times a year and because all of them are under contract with UFC its so easy for Dana White to make mega fights happen with out much of a fuzz.

Dana White – A straight talking Promoter:

In boxing promoters has done a really severe damage to sport of boxing, you talk about Don King, Bob Arum and a few others who could talk but went behind the fighters back to steal their money. Mike Tyson comes to mind who made $300 million in his boxing career and was declared bankrupt in 2005 or 06. Manny Pacquioa is probably going through the same thing with Bob Arum.

UFC President Dana White on the other hand is classic normal guy who can talk the talk and when the time comes for the fighter to shine he just step aside. Unlike boxing promoters he is young and he cares what the fans want and he make it happen.

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