Top 10 Loudest Fans in English Premier League 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2014 | 5

Ever wondered which stadium has the best fans atmosphere ? and what about the loudest fan base in Premier League ? well last season a decible meter was placed on three seperate occasions in every premier league stadium and here are the findings from the reading. Quite interestingly teams in merseyside and northern part of England are by far the loudest while London teams are chasing pack. So lets start with the readings and take a look at which club has the loudest fan base at home grounds.

#10. Arsenal (77 Decibels)

Arsenal are known for their tame atmoshphere inside the emirates and here is the proof of that with them at 10th place in terms of loudest fans at just 77 decibels.

#09. Sunderland (80 Decibels)

Sunderland came 9th in the loudest EPL rankings.

#08. Chelsea (80 Decibels)

#07. West Ham (81 Decibels)

#06. Newcastle (82 Decibels)

#05. Stoke City (83 Decibels)

#04. Everton (86 Decibels)

#03. Aston Villa (89 Decibels)

#02. Manchester United (94 Decibels)

#01. Liverpool (97 Decibels)

So there you are, Liverpool are regarded as the loudest fans in the premier league and rightly so, matchday atmoshpere in Liverpool is electring and specialy on European nights this place lite up like a fireball.

Manchester United are not far behind Liverpool with 94 reading of decibelsw while we have couple of surprises as Villa and Everton came 3rd and 4th and if Points were given for just being noisy at stadium Chelsea and Arsenal would be midtable clubs

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  • Robert Young

    Liverpool are loudest because they “never shout (walk) alone”. … Bob Young.

  • sachin abraham

    It is always difficult to compare between liverpool fan support and manu’s….They are equally good.
    But the PASSION and PRIDE liverpool fans have got on their club is just a level ahead…and truly outstanding.

  • sandeep narayanan

    anfield capacity- 45,552
    old trafford capacity-75,811

    JUST IMAGINE….if anfield had a bigger seating capacity stadium…..where would the sound from stadium reach when they sing YNWA….

    Already the sound is electrifying…….with an increase in the capacity…… that wild support could make the opponents shit in their trousers.

    • thomas laywood

      Nahh Chelsea fans are the loudest in Europe by far every europian match we have we out sing our rivals even at other teams grounds and Stamford bridge is the hardest stadium in the world to win at for other clubs known fact

  • Gareth

    Trust a dumb Indian who wrote this to support Liverpool does not surprise me one bit. Pulls these figures straight outta his ass. Anfield is a shitheap.

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