10 Longest Football Bans In Premier League

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 | 1

top 10 longest football bans

English football is full of drama and excitment season after season, but it comes at a price sometime emotions running high and rush of blood leads to players doing silly things which falls into improper conduct or violent behavior on the pitch and today we take a look at top of the biggest bans in history of premier league.

We begin the countdown from number 10 ban which was imposed on Luis Suarez who was guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra couple of seasons ago.

#10. Luis Suarez (Racialy Abusing Evra) – 8 Match Ban

Suarez start to the english football was crazy in many ways, his first season was marked with controversy when he allegedly abused Patrice Evra during a premier league game against Manchester United back in 2012. He was banned for 8 matches which was his first of 2 long match bans

#9. Paul Davis (Punching opponent in the face ) – 9 Match Ban

Paul Davis was guilty of punching Glenn Cockerill which lead to Davis bening suspended for 9 premier league games in 1988 english top flight football.

#8. David Prutton (Shoving Referee Alan Wiley) – 9 Matches Ban

Southampton player David Prutton made the mistake of pushing and shoving refree Alan Wiley in the 2003-2004 premier league game against Arsenal. He was laten suspended for 9 matches because of the incident.

#7. Luis Suarez (Biting Branslav Ivanovic) – 10 Matches Ban

Yeah thats right, Suarez makes his 2nd entry into longest bans list, this time he for some reason tried to bite chelsea defender Branslav Ivonovic in the premier league game back in 2012-2013 season. He was suspended for 10 matches which included 8 games at the start of 2013-14 season. take a look at Luis Suarez full list of scandals

#6. Paolo Di Canio (Pushing referee Paul Alco) – 11 Matches Ban

One of the most controversial player to have graced the premier league was Italian striker Paolo Di Canio, who once pushed refree Paul Alco in premier leauge game back in 1998 he was suspended for 11 matches.

#5. Joey Barton (Two Counts of Violent conduct) – 12 Matches Ban

Joey Barton recieved a 12 match ban when he got into fight with Manchester City players while playing for QPR in 2012 season.

#4. Vinnie Jones (Bring game into dispute) – 6 Months

Vinnie Jones was banned for 6 months after proven guilty of bring game into dispute in the first Barclays premier league season in 1992, the reason was he released a Soccer’s Hard Men video which included advice for budding “hard men” He was fined £20,000 and given a 6 month ban.

#3. Rio Ferdinend (Failing Drug Test) – 8 months

Ferdinend failed a drug test in 2003 which lead to a 8 months ban from playing football.

#2. Mark Bosnich (Use of cocaine) – 9 Months

Another controversy driven footballer Mark Bosnich was tested postive for cocaine use in 2003 which lead to 9 months ban, which is the longest ban handed to a premier league player.

#1. Eric Cantona (Assulting a fan) – 9 months

When french international Eric Cantona produced a “Kung-Fu kick” on a fan in the crowd during a premier league game, FA banned Cantona from english football for 9 months.

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