15 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo Life

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Ronaldo Twitter FollowersPortugese sensation who master the english football and now has whole spain singing his name, Ronaldo is by far the best football in the world at this very moment. Yeah thats right even better than Lionel Messi. He such a professional athlete and young kids who want to be footballers or athletes in general should look up to him and learn his work ethic, perfessionalism and how to keep learning and getting better even at the peak of you career.

Ronaldo is a specialy player and here are few amazing facts about him which you might not know, and we are open to the idea of you contributing here if we miss something. Just use the comment box below.

Whats the story behind the name ?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronald Reagan

Ronaldo’s full name is “Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro”, he was named after former american president Ronald Reagen. Ronaldo name was choosen by his father who was admired of the american president.

Start of somthing special ?

Cristiano Ronaldo early days in football

At the age of mere 11 year old he was snapped up by local club Sporting Lisbon. When Sporting coach Paulo Cardoso first saw Ronaldo he know this kid is special. according to him, Ronaldo just skipped past defenders like they were never there.

In his teen age days he was training with the weights in his feet, thinking it will improve his speed, sprint and technique because without weights he can do even better.

Ronaldo debut for Sporting lisbon

His first professional game for Sporting Lisbon came when he play in the “Portugese Super League” match at the age of 17 and that was the start of a journey which will make him one of the greatest players ever.

How Manchester United Signed Ronaldo ?

United were playing Sporting Lisbon in pre-season 2002-2003, and this young boy took the field and mesmarised United defenders just like once in a while someone comes along and lift your heart.

Ronaldo sign for Manchester United

John Oshea, Gary Neville and Roy Keane at the end of the game asked Sir Alex to buy Ronaldo. But Sir Alex had already made up his mind during halftime that Ronaldo will be going to Manchester United.

Liverpool and Arsenal passed on the oppertunity to buy Ronaldo a year earlier, thinking he is not good enough. Arsene Wenger even acknowledged that in the press conference that he almost got Ronaldo before united.

When United signed Ronaldo, Sir Alex personaly game him the no.7 shirt which was worn by some of the greatest United players in the history. Which goes to show how confidend Sir Alex was about the ability of young Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s Impressive Physic, Ability and Body mass:

Quite recently Arnold Schwarzenegger labeled Ronaldo as the fittest athlete in the world, and that goes to show how commited Ronaldo is in keeping shape and his physical strength.

Cristiano Ronaldo weight lifting training

Cristiano Ronaldo is fast, really fast. He recently defeated an Spanish sprinter Angel David Rodriguez in the zigzag spring challege by half a minute while he narrowly lost against professional sprinter in straight line. here is the video.

Ronaldo’s body fat ratio in the body is just 10% which is amazing considering the fact that even the high profile runway modeles (females) has on average around 13.7%. That certainly helps Ronaldi to sprint faster, jumer higher and get the most out of his body.

Ronaldo Jump Higher than Average NBA Players:

Amazing Ronaldo Jumps

Now this is interesting, if you have seen Ronaldo often in football games you would know that he has this amazing ability of jumping head and shoulders higher than the other footballers. Which gives him many headed goals. He can easily out jump an average NBA player.

How He Does That ?

Ronaldo can reach height of 44cm in the air during his jump and thats all because he produced almost 5times more G-force than a cheetah during take off to his jump. (pretty amazing)

The fastest recorded freekicks in the world:

Again if you have seen some of his freekick from around 25 metre distance you would know that he can sting keepers hands with his fierce kicks. His average freekick speed is around 130kmph. We are talking about his trademark freekicks from a certain distance, not the ones which he has to curl or bend. The ones which he unleashed with brute force.

The Highest Paid Footballers In the World ?

Yes he is, Ronaldo recently signed a new contract with Real Madrid making him the highest paid players in the world. He makes around £337,000 equalent of $565,721 a week in salary. Making it around $26 million a year in just salary.

Ronaldo money

He also has a very highly lucarative sponsorship deal with NIKE, where he nets around $10 million a year from endorsements.

Ronaldo needs only 6 days, 10 hours and 17 minutes to earn what American President Barak Obama earns in 1 year. Overpaid ? think again.

Some Other Cool and Some Sad Facts:

Ronaldo’s No.7 Real Madrid shirt was sold more than any other from all european clubs.

Ronaldo was signed by Real Madrid for record breaking transfer fee of around $100 million at the time.

Ronaldo had a heart problem growing up which threatened his footballing career, had to go through a Laser Surgery which went successfully.

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