Top 5 Innovative Technologies in World Cup 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 | 0

Every now and than a sporting competition comes and lift your heart and hopefuly that will be the case with World Cup 2014 in Brazil. No two football world cups are same, they come with unique excitment, new stars, fresh controversies and most importantly new concept which makes this beautiful game more enjoyable than ever before. Today we take a look at some of the newest concepts (innovations) which will be used in 2014 world cup.

Goal-Line Technology to make Debut at World Stage:

world cup Goal-Line Technology

Had Lampard’s goal against Germany in 2010 world cup counted the result of the game might have been different and in the last couple of years FIFA has introduced the goal line techonolgy which was used in 2013 confederations cup and now this new concept will make its debut at the world stage. Now tv camera’s will try to reduce the chances of a goal wrongly given or disallowed and referees will have communication system which will be helpful to make tricky decisions.

All new Adidas “Brazuca” Match Ball:

In 2010 world cup Adidas “Jabulani” was all over the place when a powerful shoot was connected, many goal keepers complained about the swerve it produced which lead Adidas to dig deep and try to eliminate any unsual swerve. Now Adidas introduced new match ball for world cup games which is “Brazuca” which they claim will have better and more predictable trajectory. The Brazuca world cup match balls are made in pakistan.

Introduction of “Vanishing Spray”:

Referees will have this new tech sprays in their pockets when the take the field in world cup games. The purpose is the spray it on players boots to keep an eye on encroaching walls during freekicks. The spray is developed in Argentina and it vanishes after a while.

4k Filming Technology:

Yes thats right, once the world cup 2014 is over FIFA will released the official documentry which is a tradition since 1966. In 2010 documentry was produced with 3d technology but 2014 world cup will be recorded with all new Ultra high defination 4k filiming effects. The narrators of the past has been the likes of Sean Connory, Pierce Brosnan etc.

Official Noisemaker Instrument “Caxirola”:

In 2010 world cup “vuvuzela” sounds were irretating and FIFA could not do anything to get rid of it during the world cup but Brazilian musician produced a new instrument which creats a similar vibe but less irretating.

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