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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 | 17

Hottest TV presenters during 2014 world cup coverage

World Cup is in its full swing with goals flying all over the place, and many tv channels around the world has racked up some impressive list of hot female presenters to keep football fans glue to the tv even in the post and pre match shows. Today we take a look at some of the hottest tv presenters appearing on world cup shows.

#1. Vanessa Huppenkothen (Mexico)

A mexican tv presenter in world cup matches, Vanessa Huppenkothen is making quite a few headlines among footy lovers and many rate her as the hottest tv presenter during 2014 FIFA World Cup.

#2. Kay Murray (Bein Sports)

Another beauty, Kay Murray is covering the greatest football competition in the world from brazil for “BeinSports”

#3. Roberta Setimi (Brazil)

#4. Mariana Gonzalez

Another mexican beauty who was seen during Mexico Brazil game presenting from brazil on mexico tv is, Mariana Gonzalez and she dressed up in “El Tri” completed with high heels.

#5. Unknown Colombia TV Presenter

Now she is impressive, but I dont know anything about her and it will be great if one of you can tell me her name so that I can dig up more pictures of this hottie. This picture was shared by “Kevin Kilbane” on instagram.

#6. Ines Sainz Gallo (ESPN)

#7. Sara Carbonero (Spanish TV)

She is well known now, Sara Carbonero made her name in 2010 world cup and she is also happened to be partner of Iker Casillas.

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  • Colombianboy

    The colombian beauty is Alejandra Buitrago!

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  • Mishime

    #5, is a Colombian model, TV host, & World Cup reporter – Alejandra Buitrago (@alebuitragoh). Her work can be seen on El Lavadero (@ElLavaderorcn) on Colombia’s RCN channel which happens to be one of the biggest networks in Colombia.

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  • jcrobledo

    Ines Sainz is also from Mexico she has 3 kids(mindblowing when you see that body) .
    3 of 7 on your list are compatriots. Not bad…not bad at all.
    Also I will put Jale Berahimi on your list

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