Top 10 Highest Grossing PPV Boxing Fights – Biggest Purse

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Most expensive boxing fights

Today we are going to bring you the list of top 10 fights which broke previous record of highest grossing fight. There are a couple of which involves Mayweather fights and than a few in heavyweight division. List is carefully structured after doing a thorough research. Floyd Mayweather Beat Canelo Alvarez in September 14, 2013 and that is believed to be the highest grossing fight and now we take a look at other big fights.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Saul Alvarez – $150 Million
Date: 13 September 2013
Winner: Mayweather Jr

One of the most expensive boxing fight in the history of boxing, Mayweather outclassed his younger opponent in Canelo Alvarez in 12 round masterclass back in September 2013.
De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr – $136 Million
Date: 5 May 2007
Winner: Mayweather

THis fight really put Mayweather name on world stage, he beat than champions Oscar De La Hoya to pimp his place as one of the highest earning boxer in the world.
Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson – $112 Million
Date : 8 June 2002
Winner: Lennox Lewis

Another one of the biggest fights in history of boxing, where british fighter Lennox Lewis knocked out Mike Tyson with absolute superb performance and Tyson could only last 8 rounds.
Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield – $100.2 Million
Date: 28 June 1997
Winner: Evander Holyfield

A rematch where Holyfield put a supreme authority and outclassed Mike Tyson in 2nd year running. Rematch fight was at that point the most highest grossing fight in the world.
Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley – $96 Million
Date: 19 August 1995
Winner: Mike Tyson

THis was a fight which tyson had to win, it was his first fight after coming out of prison which lasted 4 years and he announced his retirment in prime colours.
Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto – $94 Million
Date: 5 May 2012
Winner: Mayweather Jr

A fight against highly rated Miguel Cotto saw got the best out of Mayweather JR, this was one of the very few fights where mayweather struggled a little bit but manage to get a decision.
Evander Holyfield vs. George Foreman – $80 Million
Date: 19 April 1991
Winner: Holyfield

Dubbed as “Battle of the ages” George Foreman was in the very twilight of his career when he took on relatively young Evander Holyfield who won the fight and end Foreman career.
Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield – $77.9 Million
Date: 11 September 1996
Winner: Evander Holyfield

First of the two fights back to back Mike Tyson and Evander Holfieldin 96 and 97. Both the fights were won by Evander Holyfield and won of the fights included that incident where tyson bite holyfield ear.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley – $75 Million
Date: 5 July 2011
Winner: Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao dominated this fight and won it quite easily against a boxer who gave Mayweather some problems. A win in this one setup Pacquiao vs Mayweather which never happend.
Felix Trinidad vs. Oscar De La Hoya – $64 Million
Date: 18 September 1999
Winner: Oscar De La Hoya

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