Most Funniest Moments During World Cup 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2014 | 2

Funniest Moments World Cup

World Cup 2014 is into the last stages with only 4 games to play and with all the hype surrounded around the biggest competition in the world has more than justified in the course of last 1 month. Great matches, superb individual performances, scandals, bites and some funny moments lite up the world cup. Today we take a look at 10 of the funniest moments during the world cup so far.

Alejandro Sabella (Argentina Manager bizarre slip)
When Gonzalo Higuain struck the wood work in the late stages of their game against Belgium, coach Alejandro Sabella gave a fainting pose, closed eyes and leaning back. It resulted in a slip up where he almost fall only for backroom staff to give him a hand.

This move did not go un noticed as intenet memes came flying in minutes after the incident on live tv. here are a few.

Thomas Muller Freekick Runup slip:
Muller and his teammates work out a new scheme to take the freekick against Algeria, but both execution of the freekick and Muller fell flat on its face. Take a look at the vine below.

James Rodriguez & Grasshopper:

When Rodriguez scored the penalty goal against Brazil in the quarter finals, a grasshopper was noted to be attached with his sleeves. It was quite a big one but ever grasshopper could not keep him from scoring.

Linesman’s greatest comeback after handshake snub, Casillas witnessed it all.

During the Spain vs Chile match in the group stages, a dignitary greeted captains for the handshake but he snubbed the approach from the linesman who made a super comback in style.

The way Luis Suarez defended his biting was ridiculous:

Wayne Rooney Takes Worst Corner Kick Ever:
Yeah thats right, a new low for Rooney in his world cup career. His corner kick against Italy summed up his performances in the world cups so far.

Neymar slipped while celebrating David Luiz Goal:

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