Top 10 Formula 1 Pit lane blunders In TV history

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Lewis Hamilton in Chinese GP 2007Lewis Hamilton in Chinese GP 2007:

Hamilton has had his fair share of blunders over the years on the track and in the pit lane as well, in his rookie year with McLaren at 2007 Chinese Grand saw one of those blunders where he lost out on the podiam finish.

Hamilton was leading the race and was just another win away from winning world championship, Hamilton’s McLaren got stuck into the gravel taps near the pit lane and he lost out on finishing in the top positions.

Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg (Canadian Grand Prix 2008) (2)Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg (Canadian Grand Prix 2008)

Second year and another pit lane disaster, this time Lewis not only destroyed his chances of winning Canadian Grand Prix but also made sure other drivers like Kimi and Rosberg struggle as well.

Hamilton was leading the race when an accident brought on safety car and on goes hamilton into the pit stop. It took a little more time than expected in the pit and he lost out ground on couple of drivers, but once done with stop Hamilton headed to the pit lane exit, A red signal made Kimi and Robert Kubica stop their cars, hamilton failed to see the red signal hit Kimi Rainkonon and Rosberg made the same mistake.

Jos Verstappen (German Grand Prix 1994)Jos Verstappen (German Grand Prix 1994)

In 1994 in race refuelling was brought back into the Formula 1 and with that came the dangour of many accidents. One of which happended in 1994 german grand prix. Simon Morley member of pit crew, took the nozzal out after refuelling Jos Verstappen cars fuel started to flow out and it sprayed on driver, car and other crew memebers to make matters worst it got ignited and caught fire.

Fire was taken under control quickly but not before number of crew members got burns including Simon.

pit stop Eddie Irvine (Nurburgring Grand Prix 1999) pit stopEddie Irvine (Nurburgrin Grand Prix 1999)

Irvine was heading to pit lane and he made a late call to replace tyres with new dry ones, Ferrari crew was surprised and they did manager to bring tyres but only three of them and it to0k almsot a minute to find the fourth one.

Felipe Massa (Singapore Grand Prix 2008)Felipe Massa (Singapore Grand Prix 2008)

Massa was pretty much in contention for the World Championship in 2008, though the low point came in 2008 first ever Singapore Grand Prix in lights. When Massa made a pit stop and everthing was going as planned but in the middle of refuelling he was give a green light by the crew and he started the car and took the fueling hoze with him till the end of pit. He did manage to race after that but a penalty of 10 points was enough to put his championship title hopes in jeopardy

Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Raikkonen (2009 Brazilian Grand Prix)Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Raikkonen (2009 Brazilian Grand Prix)

Kovalainen suffered the same fate as Massa, as he drove with refuelling hoze still in the car but things got even more worse when nearby Kimi Raikonnen suffered the spraying fuel which reached into the helmet and made him blind for a few seconds. Though he managed to finish the race with 6th position.

Kubica, Sutil and Rosberg (2010 Hungary Grand Prix)

Now this one was more of comedy than a disaster, An early safety car send most of the cars into pits at once and it was carnage. Kubica once finished with his stop try to guide car to pit lane where Sutil was coming and they struck each other, Rosberg car’s tyre flew off and hit a crew member it was frenzy.

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