10 Most Followed Football Clubs on Twitter

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Maintaining our tradition of bringing to you, lists of most followed players and sports entities; we have compiled another riveting list, of course for the craziest of football fans amongst you. Ever wondered which football club is most celebrated at twitter? I imagine the answer is in affirmative. But, even then, I doubt that many of you have ever taken the trouble of finding it on yourself. No worries, we are here to do the research on your part.

FC Barcelona

Yeah no surprises here .FC Barcelona tops this list like it, usually, tops the points table. With massive names like Leo MessiIniesta and Neymar Barcelona predictably has more followers than any other football club. Here in our list, only Barcelonas English Twitter handle is under discussion, were we to consider all other accounts affiliated to Barcelona, then its twitter followers would be approximately a giant figure of 25 million.

Twitter followers: 12,32 million 

 Real Madrid

Barcelona and Madrid are inextricably linked to each other. Both these names remain glued with one another on the points table and here again no one could separate them. The Spanish club, like Barcelona, has many verified accounts on twitter. Real Madrid is catching up with Barcelona with ever increasing fans.

Twitter followers: 12,26 million

 Arsenal FC

Arsenal is the most followed English club on twitter. Presence of star footballers like Mesut Ozil is definitely one of the reason behind such magnificent following, however, the fact that Arsenal was among the first batch of clubs to join twitter, has also got to do with this following.

Twitter followers: 4.25 million.

 Chelsea FC

Big stars attract more twitter followers and now that Cesc FabrigasDrogba and Diego Costa have joined Chelsea, the clubs twitter following is expected to see a surge. The presence of one of the most famous manager will only brighten its chances of luring more followers.

Twitter followers: 4.19 million.

 Galatasaray SK

The presence of the Turkish club, this high on our list, is surprising. Turkey was among the top 4 at the end of World Cup 2002. Since then, Turkey hasnt qualified for the World Cup  but this club is a twinkling star among all the Turkish Clubs and has a massive twitter following.

Twitter followers: 3.98 million. 

 Manchester United

Rooneys, or one should say, Van Gall’s Manchester United claimed 6th spot on our list. Given that ManU joined twitter only in 2012,it is a great achievement in itself to get so many followers in such a short span of time.

Twitter followers: 3.01 million.

 Liverpool FC

The red jersey is at sixth spot on our list. After a disappointing run, Liverpool has shown serious improvement and got close of winning title. Mercuric Suarez, who has just been transferred to Barcelona, is behind a sizeable chunk of Liverpools twitter followers.

Twitter followers: 3 million.

 AC Milan

AC Milan hasnt had the best of the last few seasons but still it has managed to cling on its twitter followers.

Twitter followers: 2.14 million.

 Manchester City FC

Under its Arabian owners, Manchester City has had a new life. A number of victories and star players are behind its twitter followers.

Twitter followers: 1.93 million.

 FC Bayern Munich

No one can question the quality and achievements of this club but we have every reason to question its following on twitter. A club of Bayerns stature needs to be much up on our list. A lot of work to be done by Bayerns social media team here.

Twitter followers: 1.4 million


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