15 Classic Celebrations Fails in Sports

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 | 0

We have 15 reasons why you celebrate only when you should pass the final hurdle, otherwise you will make yourself a fool like 15 of the following athletes from different sports. Lets get the ball rolling.

Always make sure referee has given the goal, rolling around wont work if its an offside.

Crossing the the chequered flag should be priority before you start your celebrations.

Now take a look at this cyclist who is celebrating a bit too early.

Cyclying celebrations fail

Its raining, you are almost there better cross the finishing line first before you start your celebrations.

Great save golie, but only if you bother to know where the ball actualy went before kiss the badge in celebration.

Now thats a classice example of doing celebrating a bit too early.

Finishing line is in sight, lets celebrate. Not always a good idea.

Even oscars can give you blues !

Sarena Williams celebrated the points a big too early.

Another example of celebrating a bit too early.

Its not over, untill its over.

Goalie started celebrating prematurely.

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