Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

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A little be glamour touch to the posting today, with us posting top celebrities who were also cheerleaders in high school or early in their careers, some of them you would expect some you won’t but either way list contain some great names from hollywood. Lets begin the countdown. We tried to post once latest pic with cheerleading pic in black and white background.

#1. Megan Fox


Megan fox is one of the hottest girl around today, and she was just as hot in her cheerleading days as she is today in transformer movies and stuff. Only downer ? well she is married to Brian Austin Green.

#2. Jennifer Lawrence


Saw American Hustler, Hunger games or Silver lining ? well there is certain Jennifer Lawrence who is kind of late bloomer, looking plain simple and average in cheerleading pic and absolute cracker on the current pic.

#3. Jessica Simpson

She was cheerleader in her school days, no wonder she daring Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys in NFL, she also had fair share of success in glitz town hollywood.

#4. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is hot today and in recent past, but she was also a cheerleader in school days and the left picture below suggest she needed many makeup lessons.

#5. Sandra Bullock


She has had a long and very successful career in Hollywood, many hit movies to her name and they all down to her acting skills and cuteness, and that was evident from her school days. (cuteness and hotness are different things in my book)

#6. Halle Berry


that famous “catwomen” Halle Berry was cheerleading back in high school days. Did you know ? and she was equally hot back in the days.

#7. Maryl Streep

Now she’s a legend, by far the most successful hollywood actress and she made up for lack of looks with her acting and she was a cheerleader as well.

#8. Lindsay Lohan

Spoilded brat, Linday Lohan wreck her career but as the picture below suggest she was hot in high school and was a cheerleader.

#9. Cameron Diaz


She had a decent career in hollywood though I never been a fan of her, but I must admit she was pretty cool in high school and was part of cheerleading squad.

#10. Denise Richards

She is one hot women, and in her school days she did her cheerleading thing as well. only downer ? married to Charlie sheen for a while. Thats a crime in my book if you are so hot.

#11. Fergie


#12. Kirsten Dunst

#13. Jayma Mays

#14. Alicia Silverstone

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