10 Biggest Scandals Cricket History

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Cricket is widely known as “gentlemen’s game” but even cricket had its fair share of scandals both on and off the field. We take a look at some of the biggest scandals which rocked the cricket world, be it ball tempering, under arm bowling match fixing or use of drugs we got them all.

Shane Warne’s Use of Banned Drugs:

Probably the greatest spinner in the history cricket and played the game with so much charm, Warne was a hot headed australia and he was banned from international cricket back in 2003 when he was caught using banned substance. First he claimed that he took the drug accidently because his mother gave him a tablet which was meant to cure headech but later he admitted using the banned substance to his physical gain.

Ball Tampering Accusations (Pakistan vs England 2006)

Inzamam-ul-Haq pakistan’s test captain took his team to play 3 test matches in England and on 20th August 2006 on the 4th day of the test match field umpires accused pakistan of tempering the ball and they punished them by awarding England 5 runs and warning Pakistan captain Inzamam.

Pakistan protested the accusations because there was no video evidence which lead to Pakistan refusing to take the field and umpires decided to end the match in favour of England.

Underarm Bowling incident (1981 New Zealand vs Australia)

During a Benson & Hedges series match New Zealand needed 6 runs of the last ball against Australia and than aussie captain Greg Chappel asked his bowler to bowl an underarm ball (which rolls along the pitch) and the bowler obliged hence making impossible for New Zealand batsman Brian McKechnie to score of that ball.

Interestingly up until that point underarm bowling was legal but of course this was kind of action which was against the spirit of the game.

South African Skipper Hansie Cronje’s Admission of Match Fixing (2000)

One of the great captain in modern cricket Hansi Cronje will always be remember for match fixing stuff he did duing his playing career. In June 2000 Cronje released and official statement describing how Muhammad Azharudin introduce him to indian bookmakers who later gave $50,000 to cronje to make sure South Africa lose the test match on the final day against India (Kanpur Test 1996)

This opened up big inquiry and many players from different countries came under fire but it was Hansie Cronje who suffered the most. Here is the full list of cricketers banned from playing cricket

Bob Woolmer Death (2007)

Pakistan were playing in the World Cup 2007 in West Indies and having lost against Ireland Pakistan team and their coach Bob Woolmer were staying at hotel where in the early hours of next morning Bob Woolem was found dead in his room. At the start it was believed that it was a suicide but later it was claimed to be a murder but its 7 years now since the incident and nobody has been convivted in the case.

Pakistan Spot-Fixing Scandal (England Tour 2010)

Probably the most high profile and recent incident in match fixing or you can call it “spot-fixing” happened when Pakistan toured England in 2010. Pakistan captain Salman Butt guided Muhamad Asif and Muhammad Amir to local bookies who kind of trapped them and gave them bribe to under-perform or to take specific actions at a given time of the test match.

Scotland yard investigated the incident and all three Salman Butt, Asif and Muhammad Amir were convicted guily of spot fixing which lead to bans of 10 years for Butt, 7 years for Asif and 5 years for Muhammad Amir.

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