Biggest Controversies in FIFA World Cups History

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most controversial fifa world cup moments

#1. Maradona “Hand of God Goal” 1984 vs England.

In 1986 quarterfinal grudge match between Argentina and England, Diego Maradona scored two wonderfull goals, one with “little bit of hand of goal and little bit of maradona head” according to the man himself while the other was voted as the great World Cup goal where he beat almost entire english defence to scored and kicked England out of the competition.

#2. Zidane Headbutt Marco Materazzi (France vs Italy Final 2006)

Zidane was on top of his game in 2006 world cup and almost single handedly put France in the World Cup final in 2006, scored a superb opening goal with a stunningly taken penalty but became from hero to zero after he was sent off in the final when he headbutted Marco Metrazzi, leaving France with 10 men and italy evetualy won the World Cup on penalties.

#3. Escobar Shot Dead After 1994 World Cup

The most cruel story in football is of Two Escobars of Columbia, one’s a gangster and the other a mere football defender. Escobar played with probably the great columbian world cup side in 1994 World and they were the favourites to go all the way and win the world, but too much expectations from the home nation and millions riding on every match and goal Columbia could not live up to the expectations and booted out in the group stages and Escobar who was the culprit of scoring an own goal against USA was shot dead with 10 days after World Cup. The shooter Shouted “GOAL” on each of the 12 bullets he fired at him.

#4. Ronaldo 1998 World Cup Final Mystery

Conspiracies and strange theories on how Ronaldo’s name from teamsheet disappeared and than cameback before the kickoff, at the time he was the best player in the World and all Brazilian hopes of FIFA World CUp 1998 final was on him, but he strangely looked sick for some reason and could not perform to the level he was capable of. But why ? its anybody’s guess as there are many theories behind the incident, but France went on to win the World Cup with a certain Zidane scoring two headed goals.

#5. South Korea vs Italy 2002 (rigged claims)

World Cup 2002 was in Japan and Korea and it was a fairy tale run for the the co host South Korea who made it to the semifinals beating Italy in quarter finals. Korea went on to beat Spain and Italy and it caused big stir around the World Cup media that the match was a riggid and the refree’s were bought. Check out the video to see how Refree punished Italy for everything and Korea got away with certain penalties.

#6. Card Counting with Graham Poll (Graham Poll forgot the counting)

Graham Poll one of the greatest English referee, at the time highest performing referee in the world, he took charge of Australia vs Crotia game in 2002 World Cup and made the biggest referee blunder in World Cup history, he issues three yellow cards to crotian player Josip Simunic and forgot to send him off at the 2nd yellow before the finaly commit another fould and Poll showed him 3rd yellow and red card.

#7. Jung-Hwan Hung Booted out of Italian Club Perugia (after scoring against Italy)

Hung-Hwan Hung a Korean hero for scoring in extra time of FIFA World Cup quarter final against Italy, at the time he was playing for italian club side Perugia. But after he scored the golden goal against italy and kicked them out, Perugia president at the time made sure that Hung wont be playing his club football in Italy anymore.

Perugia President Luciano Gaucci said, “That gentleman will never play for Perugia again. He was a phenomenon player only when he played against Italy. I am a nationalist and I regard such behavior not only as an affront to Italian pride but also an offense to italian nation who two years ago opened its doors to him to play European football. I have no intention of paying a salary to someone who has ruined Italian soccer.”

#8. Rivaldo Fake injury vs Tureky (2002 World Cup)

Rivaldo a great player but sometime even greats make decisions which are hard to understand, Rivaldo made a meal of an incident in a game against Turkey at 2002 World Cup. When at a corner kick turkish player throw a ball at Rivaldo and it hit him in his lower chest area but he faked it in a way as if it hit his head or face.

#9. Roberto Rojas 1990 world (chile Banned)

In 1989 World Cup qualfier game Roberto Rojas, faked an incident when crowd was throwing flairs on the pitch and he claimed that a flair hit him and chille refused to continue the game, but on camera it was shown that no flair hit him at all and he just made that up. It was deemed as unsupporting behavior and Rojas was banned for life while Chile was banned from 1990 World Cup.

#10. Dutch fans in 2006 world cup forced to watch in underwear
In 2006 World Cup Holland fans were forced to see the game against Ivory Coast in their underwears, reportedly it was 1,000 Dutch fans who had to remove the orange shorts with a local beer company logo, which FIFA did not endorsed. Fans obeyed the orders and Holland team made them happy by winning the game 2-1 against Ivory Coast as Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Dir Kuyt scored the two goals.

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