Best European Cities To Watch Football (Travel Experiences)

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Almost every football fan around the world would like to see their team play in their home ground, idealy against the local rivals, derby games etc. Great thing about european football is that any country you will travel to watch football your travel experience will differ one way or the other. There is so much culture, history involved in the top 5 bigger leagues and we are going to take a look at top 10 greatest european cities where you can take your football experience to new heights.

So at we give you a few tips to setup your summer or even winter football experience in europe, which city is the best in terms of football and sighseeing ? booz and nightlife ?

#1. Madrid – Spain

Madrid best city to watch football

Two of the champions league semifinalists Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid has their home grounds madrid. The transport system is pretty cool and accessable, If you are looking to see Ronaldo at the peak of his career this is the time for heading towards Madrid. Preferably you would like to see a match between Real Madrid vs Barcelona or the local Madrid derby between Atletico and Real Madrid. Tickets are hard to come by for these games and often quite expensive, but hey it worth it.

Bernabue has capacity of around 81000, and you can bu stadium tour which are available 7 days a week. While Atletico home ground “Vicente Calderon” is not bad either, book any of the remaining league games of 2013-14 season and you might be in luck to see Atletico winning Primera Liga this season.

Places worth visiting: Mercado de San Miguel, Círculo de Bellas Artes, La Latina (oldest part of city)

Morever if history and typical spanish culture is your kind of thing, than Madrid has alot more to offer than just beautiful football. Oh I almost forgot, National Archaeological Museum of Spain is in madrid as well.

#2. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona best city to watch football

Lionel Messi at his best, tearing defenses apart is kind of every week’s story, there is no better place to watch football than camp nou at the moment with their traditional tiki taka football style. Book a ticket for any of Barcelona home games and you will never forget the experience of 90,000 catalunya fans shouting screarming.

Thats not it though, Barcelona has alot more to offer than just football. The bars, food and the history of catalunya is somthing which will mesmerize you.  famous Rambla place where you will find some of the best bars and restaurants in europe.

#3. Paris – France


Yeah the city with famous “Eiffel Tower”, Paris is bursting with modern arts, culture, fashion and one of the worlds most glamourous city. Its expensive though, probably the most expensive city after london in europe (thats my personal openion)

Home to Paris Saint Germain who are building on their recent success, signing big name players and Zlatan. Paris is famous for its diverse cuisine, if you got some money in the pocket head to “Champs-Elysées” which is home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, plus luxury shops and what not.

#4. Munich – Germany

Home of current german and european champions Bayern Munich, this city host Bayern’s home games and German national team play their home matches in Allianz Arena, which itself is an attraction. The roof and outer design of stadium build in such a way that it changes colour according to the teams who are playing.

Munich is pretty much a modern city now, but they still have their old architecture in good shape. The main attraction is in the central part of the city called St, Mary’s Square where once was the old town hall. Munich offers loads of festivals throughout the years the most notable is the october fest. Good football + Good Beer = happy visitors.

#5. Rome – Italy

The home of gladiators, Rome has two local football clubs AS Roma and Lazio. The match between these two is called rome derby which is probably the most fierst and brutal in whole europe. But football comes third or even fourth in ranking when we talk about what Rome has to offer. Rome is history, absolute culture and home to christians who call it Eternal City.

There is so much to write about this place, Rome should be in the must watch cities if you ever decide to do a euro trip, year even if you don’t bother about football.

#6. London – England

London home of european football

What can you say about London, its classy, historical and most importantly home to many premier league and 2nd division sides. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Fulham, QPR and the list is big. Though the main attractions are only in central london.

I am not going to write about anything other than football here, because every one knows about London, the shopping experience, the bars the night life. So if you are a premier league fan just head to london for a weekend visit a few stadiums.

#7. Milan – Italy

European capital of fashion ? yeah sometime they refer Milan like that. Home of Inter Milan and AC Milan two of the most successful italian clubs. Both play their home matches in San Siro which has the capacity of around 80,000.

Apart from football, their is fashion streets every where. The gucci’s, the armani and the Versace. Plus italian women are pretty awesome as well.

#8. Prague – Czech Republic

#9. Lisbon – Portugal

#10. Copenhagen – Denmark

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