Top 10 Athletes Who Died Young Playing Sports In Their Prime

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We have got you a few very informative top 10 lists in 2013 and going into the 2014 we have already drafted a few very interesting lists, today we bring you the list of Top 10 greatest athletes who died before their career was over. It these athletes were at prime of their career’s or going to to be the great players but unfortunately they died, some natural deaths and some in accidents. Lets take a look at the list.

Ayrton Senna crash video#1. Ayrton Senna (Formula 1 Driver)
Age: 24 Years
Cause of Death: Car Accident

Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna died back in 1994 San Marino Grand prix, he was leading at the time of the race but an high speed clash in the wall left him severly injured and he was taken to hospital immediatly via helicoptor but died due to many traumatic injures in the clash. He was the best driver to have come from Brazil and had a very successfull 10 year F1 career. He was one of the highest paid athlete at the time with huge salary and endorsement deals.

Dale Earnhardt Sr crash video#2. Dale Earnhardt Sr (Nascasr Driver)
Age: 49 Years
Cause of Death: Accident

back in 2001 in the nascar race at Daytona 500 49 year old Dale Earnhardt Senior suffered a terrible accident, which did not looked like deadly but when the was taken to hospital, few hours later he was pronounced dead. He was also defending his lead at the time of the race and struck the wall which took his life. He had more than 25 years of experience and his son was also racing in the same race.

Korey Stringer heart attack video#3. Korey Stringer (American Footballer)
Age: 27 Years
Cause of Death: Heart Attack

One of the biggest names to have died playing their sport in america is Korey Stringer, who was part of Minnesota Vikings draft pick in 1995 and he was had one of the finest season’s in his career but he suffered heat-stroke during training and died because of that.
Reggie Lewis heart attack video#4. Reggie Lewis (NBA Player)
Age: 28 Years
Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Reggie Lewis playing his tradein american basketball (NBA) with his side Boston Celtics was making rapid progress in his career when he suffered an heart attack during training and died. That put NBA Community in great shock as he died at such a young age of just 27 years.

Marc Vivien Foe heart attack video#5. Marc Vivien Foe (Footballer)
Age: 28 Years
Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Marc Vivien at the age of just 28 died playing for his national side at FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal. He suffered cardiac arrest in 2nd half of the game and was pronounced dead with his time with medics at the stadium. He was involved in high profile English Premier League player transfer at than $6 Million with West ham United.

Duk Koo Kim death video6. Duk Koo Kim (Boxer)
Age: 23 Years
Cause of Death: Fighting Injries (coma)

One of the greatest Athletes to have come from South Korea, Duk Koo Kim had a career record of 17-1-1 going into the World title fight against Mancini, which on many accounts he was winning untill that right punch from opponent which knocked him out and he later went into coma and died 4 days after that. That fight was 15 rounds and later Boxing authorities made the fights to 12 round fights.

Antonio Puerta heart attack video7. Antonio Puerta (Football)
Age: 23 Years
Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest

Spanish international playing for sevilla was collapsed on the pitch, and medics took him to hospital but he was dead on the way to the hospital.

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  • Raphael bitencourt

    Ayrton Senna the best athlete of all time ,better than Michael Jordan, Pele and Tiger Woods. Not only was he the best athlete but he is one of the most admirable person I have ever seen. He had had everything that money and fame offers and yet he had an amazing humility that its rare to find in any athlete.

  • Davide

    Ayrton Senna died when he was 34

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