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The Ice Bucket Challenge, a dare to benefit amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, has currently taken the country by storm.

All you have to do to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge is videotape yourself pouring a bucket of freezing ice water on your head, then nominate three friends that must due the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to ALS research.

Several prominent figures in the world of sports have already taken the challenge, and TSM Plug has chronicled the best.

Lebron James

Up first is Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star Lebron James. The megastar left the Miami Heat to return to his native Ohio this summer, causing one of the biggest media frenzies the NBA has ever seen.

True to form, James carried that momentum over to his Ice Bucket Challenge, dousing himself with a massive bucket of ice water on a yacht in the ocean, nominating both President Obama and his son, Lebron James Jr. “King James” certainly set the bar high for athletes everywhere.

Kevin Durant

Next up is the man who challenged James, Oklahoma Thunder star forward Kevin Durant. The elite scorer did a solid job with his challenge, having a friend blast him with the cold water on a rooftop.

But James’ yacht challenge was tough to top, and Durant couldn’t quite compare to the “King.”

Dikembe Mutombo

Former Denver Nuggets center Dikembe Mutombo participated in the ice bucket challenge, putting noticeably less fanfare than his currently playing  counterparts in James and Durant.

However, Mutombo’s heart was in the right place, as he took the challenge and donated $500 to the cause anyway. He also nominated fellow retired NBA center Alonzo Mourning in the process.

Caroline Wozniacki

Tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki released an entertaining video of the Ice Bucket Challenge by having a huge metal bucket of ice water drench her in a park.

She also nominated tennis superstar Serena Williams and appeared to be genuinely chilled while doing so. Well done by Wozniacki.

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also got in on the action, absolutely soaking himself in a solo mission in what appeared to be his driveway.

It wasn’t the most elaborate or fancy Ice Bucket Challenge out there, but like Mutombo, Goodell donated to the cause despite taking the challenge.

A charitable effort by the NFL exec.

Paul Bissonnette

In what may be the craziest Ice Bucket Challenge yet, NHL hockey player Paul Bissonnette accepted Keith Yandle’s callout in extreme fashion. Bissonnette stood atop a mountaintop by getting doused by glacier water from a helicopter while nominating star athletes Lebron James, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson.

“King James,” you have been trumped, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an athlete who went to greater lengths than Bissonnette. Exciting stuff.

Michelle Wie

Women’s PGA golfer Michelle Wie took the challenge, but it certainly seemed like she didn’t want to as she complained the whole time.

She doused herself with a big bucket on the golf course, instantly wrapping herself in towels. Perhaps she should have just donated the money.

Marion Gaborik

Another NHL player took the Ice Bucket Challenge to the next level, as Marion Gaborik had a Zamboni straight up dump a full load of snow on him inside a hockey rink.

A very inventive way to get the Ice Bucket Challenge taken care of, and an entertaining one at that. Gaborik earns the nod for one of the top examples of the challenge, but he couldn’t quite top Bissonnette.

Caleb Porter

Soccer player Caleb Porter accepted the challenge, stirring up a bit of controversy by nominating Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola, but he also challenged United States coach Jurgen Klinsman.

Porter had a solid challenge going until his two accomplices nearly missed him with half of the ice bucket, but kudos to him for the callouts.

Kliff Kingsbury

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury gathered his entire team on their field for his Ice Bucket Challenge, nominating Beyonce and dancing to one of her songs before chaos ensued.

It started out innocent enough when the team mascot doused Kingsbury, but then it became all-out mayhem as the team began dumping endless ice buckets on one another, leading to the field sprinklers absolutely blasting the whole production with a torrent of water that could have put out a large fire.

Kingsbury and his Red Raiders are the ones who challenged Bissonnette the most thus far, but it’s just so hard to beat a helicopter.

The Rock

Action star and former WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson put out a short and simple ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, nominating fellow actors Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum.

“The Rock” also warned UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey that she had no idea what she had started.

Ronda Rousey

Speaking of Rousey, she appeared on FOX Sports 1 to accept her challenge with fervor, pouring a whole Gatorade bucket of ice water on herself after nominating “Expendables 3” co-star Sly Stallone, the aforementioned Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and a rumored upcoming opponent, former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champ Gina Carano.

The dominant champion never does anything at half-speed and that translated over in to her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mike Krzyzewski

Always a class act, legendary Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski appeared with the assistance of his nine grandchildren to complete his Ice Bucket Challenge, and they absolutely drenched him.

He also nominated the Team USA to do the challenge at their practice held at West Point.

Team USA Basketball

Apparently the team listened to Coach K, quickly doing a combined Ice Bucket Challenge with the assistance of some helpers.

The basketball stars, including Steph Curry and James Harden, didn’t exactly power through the challenge like Rousey, instantly running away from their chairs once the icy liquid hit their backs.

Michael Jordan

Continuing the flux of high-level basketball players doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, perhaps the greatest of all-time stepped to the plate.

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan took a legendary challenge, calling out the members of his groundbreaking 1992 Olympic gold medal-winning Dream Team.

It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Charles Barkley

The first of Jordan’s Dream Team peers, Charles Barkley, also got in on the action today but his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a bit different than everyone else’s.

He had a large bucket of snow dumped on him before several people bombarded him with ice cold water after calling out Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

An impressive effort from the “Round Mound of Rebound.”

Brendan Schaub

UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with the aid of his “Fighter and the Kid” podcast co-host, comedian Brian Callen.

“Big Brown’ did a never-before-seen challenge, getting doused while bench-pressing 315 lbs.

A tough challenge, and one that deserves commendation.

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