WATCH: Roger Federer Gets Livid after Crazy Fan Rushes on Court at Roland Garros

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Sunday, May 24th, 2015 | 0

(photo: yahoo news)


Roger Federer has craziest fans around the world, and one was witnessed at Roland Garros on Sunday.

The Swiss maestro was in high spirits after defeating Alejandro Falla in straight sets, as he was walking off the centre court, before he was shocked to see a young fan gallop towards him. The fan (apparently, a teenager) breached the security for almost 30 seconds, asking the tennis ace for a selfie.

This was not taken lightly by Federer, who immediately called security to take necessary actions. He was seemingly upset with the security provided to the payers at French Open. In the post-match interview, he pointed at the similar incidents in the past, where players have been harassed by some knuckleheads.

Federer was charged even during the 2009 French Open, when a maniac tried to don a cap on his head. The repeat of similar incident has left his fuming over the ‘weak’ security of tournament.




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