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by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2015 | 0

Now that one of the greatest Tennis events is knocking at the door, people from all over the world are getting together in hopes of seeing this great event unfold. Every year the popularity is increasing and thus coming by a ticket easily is getting harder and harder every year.

US Open Tennis 2015 live

Firstly, the tickets should be available by now and there is two way to book the ticket. One is, going to the ticket center or legal retailers for tickets and the other one is booking the ticket from the internet.

  • Customers who will be going to the ticket center personally will need valid photo identification to buy tickets. He/ She can buy 8/16 tickets depending on which session he/she is aiming for. One person can get 8 tickets for the afternoon session while 16 tickets for the day session are available as well. From quarter final however that changes to 8 tickets per person.
  • This that will be booking online will need valid identification, valid payment method (preferably Credit Card) and some basic information as well. The booking is as the same as personal booking. However, the online booking tends to end earlier and thus one has to be cautious if he/she really don’t want to miss any of the games.

Now if you are wondering if it’s possible to get any tickets on the day of the match then yes, it is possible to get ground tickets on that day but it is extremely limited and its better if you don’t bet on getting it.

Ticket office will be open depending of the date of the sale and here is how it will work –

10th July –

  • Monday – Thursday – Closed
  • Friday – 9:00-17:00 ET
  • Saturday/Sunday – 10:00-16:00 ET

17 August –

  • Monday – Friday – 9:00-17:00 ET
  • Saturday/ Sunday – 10:00-16:00 ET

Tournament –

  • Depend on the day, session, time and the availability of tickets.

Now that all the necessary information’s are out in the open, let’s take look at the pricing.

The entire tournament which is a total of 24 sessions will cost over $2,125 for the lower promenade. The better sits will obviously cost more than this.

Group discount is available for a group with 25 members or more purchasing tickets together. Ticketmaster is the only legal site to buy tickets and any kid over 24 months old will need a full ticket.

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