Two Tennis Players Face Match Fixing Allegations

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 | 0

match fixing

Match fixing is the accusation, and serious consequences could come pending an investigation of Daniele Bracciali and Potito Starace……

Daniele Bracciali and Potito Starace have been accused of a litany of Tennis match fixing offences. The Italian Tennis Federation is currently looking back over a string of alleged offences dating back to 2007. A skype conversation between Bracciali and a shady accountant back in 2007 was reported to have contained details of a match fixing in Rhode Island against Scoville Jenkins.

The Italian went on to lose the match 6-2, 6-1, and similarly got thrashed by Pablo Andujar of Spain after allegedly offering to throw the game in a betting office back in 2011. ITF president Angelo Binaghi said the following to NDTV:

“If the inquiry confirms what went on in the intercepted conversations published by the newspapers then we’ll be dealing with serious and intolerable offenses”

The match fixing accusations aimed at Daniele Bracciali and Potito Starace come at the same time as officials have been looking in to football in Italy. Bracciali and Starace were also give hefty fines back in 2007 by the ATP for betting offences. Life bans were handed to Daniel Koellerer of Austria in 2011, David Savic of Serbia in 2012, and Andrey Kumantsov of Russia this year; all for match fixing crimes in tennis.

Should the two Italians be found guilty, which is looking quite likely, then perhaps the tennis authorities have a bigger problem than once thought. Few players have been banned for match fixing in tennis, but three in one year would certainly set alarm bells ringing….

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