Top 10 Hotels to Stay for US Open 2015 in New York, USA

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2015 | 0

Tennis is back to USA once again and this time it brings more than ever before. So, if you are a fan of Tennis and hoping to visit USA to be a visitor to this grand event then you must be wondering about where to stay. Frankly saying, there is no shortage of hotels in the city and you can stay at any of those but for those die-hard fans who are willing to spend moderate to heavy money to make this a lifelong experience, here is our top ten picks for the best hotels to stay in for US Open.

Grand Hyatt New York

Let me make sure that this our personal pick depending few categories and your own choice might defer from it but all these hotels are truly amazing and no matter which one you stay in, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Grand Hyatt New York –

This hotel is our top pick as this one is situated very close to the arena. Most players will be staying here and thus all the die-hard fans will be fighting for a spot here. The booking is off now as the rooms are sold out.

  • Library Hotel –

As the name suggests, this is one sort of special hotel that is half romantic and half crazy. This hotel is very close to the venue and thus most people would want to stay here. The entire US Open would cost around $396 to stay here.

  • Dylan Hotel –

At $257, this one is a great hotel to stay in. don’t be fooled by the price because the hotel is amazing and the transport system is quite good as well. It’s a good hotel for everyone.

  • One UN New York –

Staying here during the whole tournament would cost nearly $300. This is a great hotel and people from all over the world stays here. It would be a great pic for anyone who wants to stay at a high quality place during this.

  • The Waldorf Astoria –

This one is a luxury hotel and it costs nearly $400 to stay here For the 15 days during the tournament. Staying here could not be more amazing and anyone hoping to make this trip a good one, would be delighted to stay here.

  • Fifty NYC-an Affinia Hotel –

This hotel is the probably the best family hotel you will find in the area. While it boosts on security, high class food and specialized kid zone, the cost is quite low in comparison. $275 for the entire tournament.

  • Casablanca Hotel –

At first glance this hotel might look very ordinary to you but in the end it is a great hotel, the pricing is good and overall hosting is very good too.

  • Hilton Times Square –

This is one of the best hotels in the area. Not only it’s a premium hotel but it’s also situated in a prime location. Staying here would cost $370 during the tournament.

  • The New York Palace –

This is perhaps the most luxurious and most costly hotel in our list. To stay here, you would have to be quite rich and if you are staying here then there is no way you will regret your decision. Combined with high class luxury, greatest food restaurants in New York, Prime location and great customer support, this hotel really packs a heavy punch. To stay here for the 15 day tour, you would have to give $1,564.

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