Toni Nadal speaks out after being called ‘idiot’ by Nick Kyrgios

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 | 0

Rafael Nadal’s ex-coach and uncle Toni has criticized controversial Australian Nick Kyrgios in the wake of his latest meltdown.

During his second round match at Italian Open, Kyrgios completely lost it as he went on a rant about the chair umpire before throwing a chair on to the court and walking away. No wonder, he was disqualified.

The incident took place just a day after he called Toni an ‘idiot’ and Rafael ‘super-salty’ during an incredible podcast.

Speaking for the first time since then, Toni took a dig at the men’s governing body, Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), failing to take appropriate action against him.

“I feel bad for him, but something is failing, the ATP has given him too much hype,” the 58-year-old was quoted as saying by

“He plays very well, but with another mindset he would aspire to be even better. He should make an effort to change.

“It’s hard for him to handle the pressure and the difficulty of the competition. It doesn’t do the sport any good, in the end there is no other option but to penalise him.

That, however, had no effect on Kyrgios, who took to his official Twitter handle to react to the comments.

“I’ll try and clean my act up,” his sarcastic words read.

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