Serena Williams Refutes Critics, Flaunts Her Body by the Beachside

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Sunday, July 19th, 2015 | 2


American tennis superstar, Serena Williams, has faced a lot of flak for her body, especially of late. She has, however, paid no heed to the remarks in the past, and continues to do so even today, as she took it to her official Instagram account to share a couple of snapshots, where she’s seen relaxing on the beach in a swimsuit.

The 33-year-old has frequently bore the brunt of racism. Not only that, but she is also criticized for her strongly-built physique for which many tout her appearance to that of a “man” (disappointing, isn’t it?). Recently, renowned author J.K. Rowling lashed out at one of her detractors, who had a grim comment to post on Williams’ body.

Meanwhile, Williams – fresh from her success at the Wimbledon Championships 2015 – flew to Bastad, Sweden to compete at the WTA Collector Swedish Open. She did manage to pull through her first-round encounter, but an injury to her right elbow compelled her withdrawal soon thereafter.





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