‘Serena Williams Hates Maria Sharapova’

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 | 0


Max Eisenbud, the agent of Maria Sharapova, made a bold statement as he asserted that World No. 1 Serena Williams possesses intense dislike towards the Russian tennis superstar.

It’s not an obscure fact that the duo has invariably been at loggerheads, with the major reason being that both loved the same man – Grigor Dimitrov – whom Sharapova dated for two years before parting ways last year.

Besides, the two have often involved themselves in war of words by means of various press conferences.

Speaking to Eurosport Russia, Eisenbud was asked as to why Williams produces her best every time she squares off against Sharapova. And his reply will take you by surprise.

“Serena hates Maria,” he said. “It’s just my opinion on this account. Serena does not like to play Maria.”

No doubt, Williams has been dominant against Sharapova on court, owing to her 19-2 record that includes her recent 6-4 6-1 conquest in the Australian Open quarter-finals. Off the court, however, Sharapova has enjoyed more success.

Eisenbud, therefore, opines that Serena has an aversion to Sharapova which makes her perform even better.

“Serena doesn’t like the fact that Maria earns more money and so on,” he claimed. “When Serena comes out on the court in the meetings with Sharapova, the expression on her face is different.

“She just wants to kill every ball. But all this is only a plus and the most serene. That is why she’s such a great fighter.”


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