Serena Williams’ Five Hot Style Statements

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Friday, May 8th, 2015 | 0
(photo: newsone)

(photo: newsone)


Colorful and Long Nails: Serena Williams is known for her perfect nail art. Be it on court or off the court, whenever we see her, we observe a distinguished nail art done. The fancy nail art ensures to gain maximum eye balls towards her fingers. She never goes off beam with her nail art. Her unique nail art is the reason why Wimbledon is no more ‘only white’.

Hair: The long curls which Serena Williams carries, gives a dramatic effect to her face. In the past, she has ironed out her curls on few occasions, but the ‘tennis queen’ has resumed her very own hairstyle and has been looking more comfortable in long and flowy waves. Undoubtedly, the texture and volume of her hair puts many girls to envy her. Wonder how much money must be splurged in maintenance?


‘Permanent’ Eye-Makeup: World No. 1 tennis player was talk of the tennis circuit recently for her ‘permanent’ eye make-up. The catchiest aspect of her eye make-up is her thick, dark, long eyebrow. It is believed that her eyebrow is permanently done, like cosmetic tattoo. There’s a marked difference in her eyebrow then and now. The smoldering volume given to her eyebrow, no where looks like a pencil job. Next in the row is her dark black winged eye-liner, which keeps her looks blazing. This has given an inspiration to many women, who are opting for permanent eyebrow job like their style icon – Serena Williams!

Accessories: Serena is always seen in ‘unique’ accessories. While many of the tennis stars like Ana Ivanovic or Maria Sharapova refrain from heavily accessorizing themselves, Serena goes out of her way and graces herself with weighty accessories. She is seen wearing danglers even in her bikini outfit, which is a rare phenomenon for a style-lover. Her huge finger ring is the accessory which steals our attention when she plays tennis, isn’t it?

Apparels: Seems Serena’s style mantra is – ‘Say no to Simple and Yes to Complicated.’ Even with bikini wear, she ensures not to keep it SIMPLE. Most of the times she goes with shimmers and glitters. She is well-dressed and always come out with ‘unique’ apparels. The result of which, tennis lady has opened her own fashion line!




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