Roger Federer will wath Amir Khan’s movie “PK”

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there is not even a single fabric on the body, Amir khan holding a old time radio around his pubic area in an attempt to hide his pubic area. there is not a single people in the world who didn’t get shocked after watching this post. this time the poster even shocked Roger Federer. So the tennis legend said that if he gets the chance then he will obviously watch this movie.

International Premier Tennis League is happening in India and Roger Federer came to participate in this. Federer is highest Grand Slam winner in the history of tennis and thus even the Bollywood stars didn’t miss the chance to spend some time with this favorite player.

Amitav bachchan came and so came Akhshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh and Deepeka Padukone. Amir came with his wife and children. Lara Dutta came as she is the wife of the founder of this tournament.

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the Bollywood stars didnt miss the chance to play with these famous players. Jokovic and Deepeka made a team and played together. While on the other hand these players danced with the Bollywood stars.

among these, Federer had a talk with Aamir Khan. one of Aamir’s assistants said that – “Roger talked about Aamir’s new movie when they met and he asked Aamir why is the poster like that. He is very interested to know the reason why it is like that and he said he would like to watch the movie to find out. So when the movie is released then he will watch the movie.”

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