Roberto Bautista Agut Vs Nicolas Mahut (Tennis): Live stream, Head to head, statistics, records, Broadcaster list, Watch online

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Roberto Bautista Agut Vs Nicolas Mahut – preview

Roberto Bautista Agut Vs Nicolas Mahut

Match Information –

Match of – Roberto Bautista Agut VS Nicolas Mahut

Type – Topshelf Open

Date – 20th June 2014

Time – TBD

Venue – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 5

Mahut – 2

Agut – 3

Draw – 0


Personal Information –

Here is all the personal information about both players –

Roberto Bautista Agut –

Country – Spain

Height – 180 cm

Stance – Right Handed (two handed back hand)

Prize Money – $2,844,559

Record –

  • Matches – 162
  • Wins – 91
  • Losses – 71
  • Draw – 0

Current rank – 20

Highest rank – 14

Career titles – 2

Nicolas Mahut –

Country – France

Height – 190 cm

Stance – Right Handed (one handed back hand)

Prize Money – $4,494,340

Record –

  • Total matches – 288
  • Wins – 122
  • Losses – 166
  • Draw – 0

Current Rank – 116

Highest Rank – 37

Titles – 2

Preview –

Mahut is losing form recently and that is why his rank has decreased so much. To be frank, he never was the top material but he was undoubtedly one of the best from his country during his prime. But perhaps the age is catching up to him and he is looking rather dull on the field. He is the underdog for us in this match despite him having much more experience and playing for much longer. After all, experience can’t make up for everything.

Bautista Agut on the other hand, is a relatively new player. But he is doing great and showing some excellent play on the field at the moment. He is winning matches and winning titles along with it. He is the clear favorite in this match. However, he should not underestimate his opponent and he will have to play this match with everything he has if he hopes for an easy win here.

Prediction –

We predict that Roberto Bautista Agut will win this match.

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