Record Braking year for Serena Williams and Novak Djokovich

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 | 0

In the previous season of Tennis, 8 grand slam were divided as like as a Pizza. 8 individual player from both Man and Woman won 8 grand slam of the year of 2014. But this season US women tennis player Serena Williams and Novak Djokovich did not made it happened. Out of 4 grand slam of men categories, without France Open, Djokovich won all other Grand Slam of the year. And Serena have lost only the last title of the year at Semifinals.

In the US Open Serena Lost in Semifinals after Robarta Vinchi. And Djokovich lost France Open to Swiss Vhabarinka. Besides all this individual performance British tennis player Andy Marry made record after won Davis Cup. Only as the 3rd player in the history after Andres Agasi and Rafayel Nadal, Marry won the Wimbledon, Olympic single and Davis Cup on open era.

Though Djokovich lost France Open to Vhabarinka, this year he have only 6 defeats against his 82 victory. Allover, 11 title in this season, record rating point, 2.16 Billion USD prize money for Djokovich at 2015. Before this of Novak Djokovich, only 3 player played 4 grand slam finals in a year. Rod Lever at 1969 played it for the first time. And Federer only played more than one time at 2006, 07 and 09. This year Federer also played 2 finals at Wimbledon and US Open and both lost to Novak.

Serena’s had a great chance to win the Calendar Grand slam but she did not made up this because of his defeats against Robarta Vinchi in semifinals at flashing mido.  She have also a chance to touch the most 22 grand slam’s winner Stefi Graph in Open Era. After that defeats Sherena didn’t participates any tournament. Although she have 53 victory over the year against her 3 only defeats, total prize money almost 1.5 Billion USD. With this she is holding the top place of WTA ranking.




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